I tried one healing session after learning the many wonders it can do. Read about my experience and see if it’s for you.
Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on April 26, 2017

I’ve been hearing about Theta Healing from friends who have tried it and who are studying to become healers, and it has always interested me. I’ve heard how life-changing it can be and how it helped my friends achieve most of what they wanted in life—and how easy it has been. I had a clearer idea what Theta Healing was about when I attended an enlightening talk by Sanaiyah Gurnamal, the first certified Master Practitioner and Instructor of Theta Healing in the Philippines.

third eye wellness lobby

Third Eye Wellness Center lobby

Sanaiyah is the founder and owner of The Third Eye Wellness Center, a mind-body-energy health and wellbeing center in Bonifacio Global City that originated in Dubai and made its way to the Philippines. She is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Reiki Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, and Pranic Healer, in addition to being well-versed in a variety of other healing techniques.

In 2009, Sanaiyah experienced instant healing through Theta Healing. She became a certified Theta Healing Practitioner & Instructor from Vianna Stibal’s Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge (THInK USA) and was inspired by the many instant healings her clients experienced, including remission from cancer. She’s the go-to person of celebrities, professional sports personalities, and industry professionals, and has helped elevate so many people’s lives.

How My Theta Healing experience healed me from a painful past that was hurting my present

It wasn’t until I went for a session myself that I was really able to grasp the effect of Theta Healing. Explaining it to you would be another challenge, especially since there were a lot of personal insights I would rather not divulge, but hopefully, its effect on my life would be enough to convince you to at least go for one or two sessions so you can fully understand and experience its benefits.

Third Eye Healing Room

Third Eye Healing Room

Since I had already been to Sanaiyah’s talk and knew what to expect, we went right to the healing process. She let me relax in this cozy private room with a lounge chair. It started off with her just asking if there’s any issue I wanted to address, where I think I may need healing. Clients can come prepared with an issue they want resolved, or Theta Healers usually help the client identify the problem instead of pointing it out.

Sanaiyah was able to pick up a certain fear causing the list of issues I brought up. She asked a few more questions to delve into what’s really going on beyond the issues. Eventually, we ended up talking about my relationship. Sanaiyah later explained that among all the issues bothering me, this is probably the one I needed to address first—especially since I’m getting married soon and wouldn’t want to get into the marriage with this still lurking in my subconscious.

I told her my fiancé and I have been bickering constantly at that time. Sanaiyah asked me to elaborate on possible reasons for that, then asked me a few more questions about my relationship to try to pinpoint where the problem was coming from. Then she told me to relax and hold her hand, and she asked my permission to scan me for where the issue stems from my being, my psyche. We both closed our eyes—I wasn’t really sure what she saw, but when we opened our eyes again, she started asking me about my past relationships.

It made sense. The way we deal with our current relationship has a lot to do with what we went through in our past relationships—the things we learned to do and not do, how we react to triggers from our partners, and what we fear. I told her about my last serious relationships and how they ended, and immediately, Sanaiyah noticed a pattern that I always saw. She understood, then, how my past relationships shaped my deep-seated issues, and she asked me why there seems to be a pattern in my life, and if there was any other earlier instance in my life where I got hurt. “Who hurt you?” Sanaiyah asked.

I tried to think who else, and then a name came out of nowhere and spilled out of my mouth. Sanaiyah caught this, and she started asking questions about this person, what our relationship was like, how long it lasted, and how deeply I was hurt. And then details about this relationship that I thought I’ve cast aside came spilling out. I closed the door on this long chapter of my life before I even met my fiance, and as far as I was concerned, that chapter is truly over and never again to be revisited, but there I was, apparently still subconsciously affected by it, as Sanaiyah has sensed.

Sanaiyah later said that the reason that name and that issue popped up even if I haven’t really thought of or encountered the person for years is my subconscious bringing them out in the open to be addressed and cleansed from my psyche.

Sanaiyah then tried to see how deep-seated my belief systems and reality have been entwined with and shaped by this past. She had this way of testing me, wherein she just asked me to keep my index finger and thumb firmly glued together: if I believed or agreed with the statement she was making me say, she wouldn’t be able to force my fingers apart; but if I didn’t believe or agree with the statement, then she could easily pry my fingers open.

She asked me a series of questions answerable by yes or no and to repeat some statements, some true, some false, as she tried to pry my fingers open with each response. It was then that we both found the beliefs and truths that even I never realized existed in my subconscious. And that’s how Sanaiyah figured that I needed to be healed from my past with this person if I am to address my issue.

What I thought was closure was apparently not completely so. However, with Sanaiyah’s help, I never even have to see or speak to this person to get my closure. I can get it—and more permanently so, because it’s aligned with the Creator—through Theta Healing.

Sanaiyah described the next process as clearing up the issue in my psyche, in my life, and pretty much clearing all the cobwebs and effectively closing the door on that past and person. The things she said next seemed to me like prayers, intercessions, and words of encouragement and empowerment combined to implore the Creator to heal me and help me start anew, free from the chains of past hurts, and for me to always remember the lessons from the experience, so as to escape the pattern of hurt. The session ended with her balancing the chakras (the centers of spiritual power in the body) then neutralizing the painful memory of that person.

After the process, Sanaiyah asked me how I felt. I told her I felt lighter, like a burden was lifted and a dull fear erased, although it’s not a remarkable feeling—it’s like it’s just natural to feel that way. She made me close my eyes again to test if the healing worked. She asked me to imagine the person I was “healed from” coming into the room. She asked me how I felt about seeing the person, and I told her I felt nothing: I didn’t feel hate or anger; neither did I feel joy at seeing the person. Sanaiyah said that was the sign I’ve healed and learned: neutrality. The person no longer elicits any emotion from me.

Then, still with my eyes closed, Sanaiyah asked me to imagine my fiancé walking through the door. “How does he make you feel?” “Very happy,” I said, imagining my fiancé’s smiling face. “Are you ready to be happy for the rest of your life with him?” Sanaiyah asked. “Yes,” I said, suddenly overcome with happy tears. Sanaiyah was smiling when I opened my eyes. “That’s your true emotion, right there.”

third eye wellness store

One can find books, crystals, aromatherapy essentials, gifts, and more at their store by the cafe and reception area.

Weeks after my session, I noticed that while my fiance and I still bicker, it was no longer about that one issue we’ve had since our relationship started. As Sanaiyah pointed out, I have been healed. Our bickering may have several other causes, but she has already healed me of one. She’ll probably have to heal my fiance, too, of his own issues. And as for this issue coming back, she assured me that while I have the freewill to allow thoughts of that past to affect me again, it will likely not, because the effect of that past has been cleared from my being.

Through Theta Healing, Sanaiyah was able to help me correct negative patterns in my life and free myself from past karma in which I allowed myself to get trapped—essentially helping me improve an aspect of my relationship with my fiance. Besides this, she says Theta Healing can also be used to be successful at work or at home, to manifest the resources one needs, to improve one’s finances, and ultimately to become a healthier, happier and better person. I’m definitely coming back for these next.

Theta Healing addresses all aspects of the spectrum, that’s why the results are quicker—one session can be enough. Anybody, whatever their background, can come for Theta Healing and change themselves for the better.

Who discovered Theta Healing?

The Theta Healing technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health after she healed from cancer instantly. It’s a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy—not specific to one religion but accepting them all—with the purpose of getting closer to the Creator. It is a training method for your mind, body, and spirit that allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts. Through meditation and prayer, the Theta Healing Technique creates a positive lifestyle. It’s always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Through the technique, intuitive abilities can be used to bring about spontaneous physical and emotional wellbeing.

Third Eye Training Room1

Third Eye Training Room

In a Theta Healing class, you will learn how to use this mind-body-energy healing technique to produce instant and permanent change. This results in physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation, and the ability to master your life. You will also reportedly learn how to heal your body naturally from pain, disease, and dysfunctions, as well as correct the faulty belief systems that created the disease and disorder in your life/body in the first place.

An hour-long session of Theta Healing from their Medical Intuitives range from P1,900 to P2,150, but it’s P2,600/hour if you would like Sanaiyah herself to heal you.

What other healing sessions does Third Eye Wellness offer?

Third Eye Wellness offers other personal Healing Sessions, in which they work with you on an individual level through complementary therapies, energy healings, personal readings, and consultations. Besides Theta Healers, they have tarot readers, all of whom help you achieve resolution and healing in every area of life. They are equipped to work with all types of diseases, dysfunctions, and emotional challenges.

Other healing services they offer include Clinical Hypnotherapy (starts at P2,150/hour), Past Life Regression (P3,000/hour), Access Bars (P2,150/hour), Habit Cessation (for smoking and weight management), Millennium Method (P2,600/hour), Chakra Balancing (P1,500), Feng Shui Audits, Space Clearing, Pranic Healing, Reiki (P1,250/hour), Numerology (P2,600/hour), and Gong Bath Sound Healing (P1,500 for 30min), among others.

Chakra Cafe

Chakra Cafe

I was ravenous after my first Theta Healing session, so I grabbed a bite at the healthy Chakra Café, which advocates health and nutrition while educating about energy systems and chakras. They serve organic options, healthy snacks, and even fresh juices and smoothies along with soups, salads, sandwiches, and mains.


Transcend Spa & Nails

The Third Eye Wellness also has Transcend Spa & Nails, which offers holistic treatments and beauty therapies that nourish mind, body, and soul.

The Third Eye Wellness Center is located at the 6th Floor of 20th Drive Corporate Center, 20th Drive, Mckinley Business Park, BCG.

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