Plus, an appeal to people to stop asking me about when my husband and I plan to have kids.
Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on October 5, 2018

To those who keep asking (even if these days, people really shouldn’t): I DO want to get pregnant; my husband and I ARE trying to conceive; and we WILL hopefully get pregnant in God’s time. That said, I wish people would stop asking me about when we plan to have kids and whether or not I’m pregnant. You have no idea how that makes me, us, feel; pressured is just one way of putting it. These days, I’ve started answering people with a forced smile and either “We’re working on it” or “I’m NOT. YET. Mataba lang ako.” Whatever our reasons—and God’s reasons—for not having children yet is our business. (The only one I allow to be privy to this information is my own mother—and she doesn’t even ask or pressure me about it.)

Now that I got that out of my chest, I also want to assure everyone who cares that yes, I want to have kids. That’s why I’m taking better care of myself and my husband. That’s why I’m gathering all this information about prepping oneself for pregnancy, managing pregnancy, and eventually how to take care of one’s baby. I barely understand a thing—I keep silent in chat groups dominated by mommy conversations because I have ZERO to contribute—but I try to take note of everything so that one day, when we’re blessed with children, I’m at least armed with a bit more information to prepare me for motherhood.

Okay, ang haba na ng intro, but what I’m really trying to get to is why I attended a mommy event recently, hosted by Philips Avent, a leading mother and childcare brand, to announce its collaboration with top local fashion designer Rajo Laurel.

Philips X Rajo wrap

Rajo X Philips Avent is the newest collection of the brand, which includes an exclusively designed mother wrap and baby bag to provide support for every nursing Filipino mom who wishes to breastfeed more comfortably in public, at home, at work, or when out and about. The collaboration not only promotes the welfare of infants, but also allows for a more conducive nurturing environment for nursing mothers in public spaces.

“Breastfeeding is an empowering act. It creates an intimate relationship between moms and their child emotionally and nutritionally. The same is true with fashion—it visually narrates your connection to the world quietly, yet with impact. As a designer, I am thrilled to have been given a chance to marry these two concepts,” Rajo Laurel said.

Philips X Rajo main

For this collaboration, Rajo created a stylish wrap for mothers to feel confident and comfortable when feeding their baby. Done in an elegant gray fabric that goes with any outfit—from day to night, casual to business to formal (yes, you can wear it like a shawl over your evening gown at weddings)—it can be worn in four different ways, as you can see in the image above. Rajo says it also doesn’t stain. He designed it in such a way that not only will breastfeeding moms not be fussy about it, it will also make them feel more beautiful and chic even when breastfeeding.

Philips x Rajo bag

Aside from the mother wrap, a classy baby bag was also launched as part of the collection. It was designed as a baby bag, but Rajo wanted it to have a life after this, so it’s fashionable enough for mothers to use as their personal handbag. Done in a light gold shade (apparently, baby bags need to be light colored so it’s easier to find things inside) with lots of space and pockets, it’s really something moms would want to carry around and pair with any outfit.

You can get the limited edition wrap and bag set for a minimum purchase of P16,000 worth of Philips Avent products at SM Store and Baby Company. To learn more, visit the Philips Avent Facebook page or

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