I've never been fascinated with lighting until I attended the Philips LED event, where, with the help of celeb experts, they told us things we probably didn’t know are greatly affected and improved by LED lighting.
Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on July 11, 2017

Philips bedroom 1

We take for granted just how important the right lighting is to our daily life. All beauty girls know how critical the right lighting is to makeup application—just imagine how your contour would look when you do it without the right lighting! Did you know lighting can also greatly improve your alertness at work and your child’s productivity while he’s studying in his room? And the right warm lighting can also help us better relax in our own home after a long day.

Lighting affects so many aspects of our lives. Having the right lighting helps us get things accomplished, while getting it wrong can affect our eyesight, the quality of our rest, and how we do things.

I was finally enlightened (pun intended) at the Philips Lighting event I attended recently, where they educated us on the many uses and benefits of proper LED lighting and some things you probably didn’t know about your Philips LED bulb (well, at least I didn’t). Their new campaign, EyeComfort, aims to provide brighter lighting without compromising comfort for an optimum illumination experience.


Kelly Misa, Jigs Mayuga, and Paulo Alcazaren

Philips demonstrated what comfortable brightness looks and feels like in a household setting through a series of well-designed sets. They did this with the help of their three local ambassadors who are experts in various fields: landscape architect Paulo Alcazaren, celebrity influencer Kelly Misa-Fernandez, and celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga. These “EyeComfort Advocates” have diversified the use of proper lighting in their own fields and shared their tips to help us do so in our homes.

For the living area

Paulo Alcazaren believes that light should promote comfort and wellbeing in living spaces, enveloping residents with a sense of security, allowing them to dwell and interact with others harmoniously. The landscape architect thinks it’s imperative to preserve a balance between personality and functionality in our homes, especially in the living room.

Philips living room 1

“In general, I’d look for versatile lights with adjustable brightness, such as Philips LED downlights and ceiling lamps. You want the room to work for different purposes—bright and clean for guests, cozy and comfy for the family. Lighting can help you achieve both,” he said.

What I found super interesting—but never knew until the event!—is how Philips’ Cavanal LED Ceiling Lamp and Hadron and Meson LED Downlights are actually “step-dimmable” using your existing light switch and are easy to install. What this means is, you can dim your lights, from 100% brightness to 50% up to 10% by just flicking your switch off and on. They’re long-lasting and energy-saving, so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill or even replacing them for a long time. Both are flicker-free and have the effect of letting you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Philips living room

For the kitchen and dining area

As a mom, Kelly Misa-Fernandez spends a good amount of time cooking and eating with the family in the kitchen. Occasionally, this area also serves as a social hub for dinner parties.

“I believe that the dining area and kitchen are the ‘heart of the home’ and act as multifunctional spaces for many households. With Philips SceneSwitch bulbs, I can create different moods in my kitchen, depending on the task needed to be done. It can make the room bright and energizing when I’m performing delicate chores like chopping up ingredients. It can also make the kitchen look homey, cozy, and romantic for those special occasions,” Kelly said.

Philips kitchen

The Philips LED Scene Switch is a 2-in-1 bulb that allows you to switch your lighting from warm white to cool daylight and back, whatever you feel like using—and it works with your existing switch without rewiring! It has zero glare, so it’s relaxing and comfortable on the eyes, yet it can also bring extra light when you need it to be brighter for tasks, making colors more vibrant and whites even whiter. You can use the same bulb to switch your lighting from normal, when the kids are studying or you’re entertaining dinner guests, to ambient, when it’s bedtime or you want to give your dining area that speakeasy feel.

Kelly also called our attention to Philips Deco Classic LED bulbs and LED candles, which would look so nice in our kitchen or dining area. The classic vintage filament design can give our homes beautiful ambient lighting for that warm and cozy cafe or bar feel. What’s great is they allow for up to 90% energy saving, with a low carbon footprint and a long lifetime of 15,000 hours, minimizing maintenance cost. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of your chandeliers, wall sconces, or modern luminaires.

For the bedroom and boudoir

My favorite part of the event was Jigs Mayuga’s segment, where he shared that choosing the right kind of lighting is crucial for both his work and his home. “As a makeup artist who is barely at home because of all the work travels, I see my bedroom as a sanctuary, wherein I could unwind and zone out from the world—and lights play an important role in calming my senses,” he said.

Philips bedroom

The celebrity makeup artist said he prefers lights that are not only fit for dozing off, but also for his and his clients’ vanity solutions. “Make sure you’re using soft, diffused lights. Nothing that is too bright, glaring, or flickering, just like the Comfortable Brightness range of LED bulbs. These work perfectly,” he said. He also added that, when doing your makeup, natural lighting is best, and to get this, you must mix LED bulbs with cool white lights and warm lighting, “but I lean more toward the warm,” he said.

Philips Lighting also highlights how not all LEDs are the same. Through its new EyeComfort platform, the brand strives to bring lighting that is gentle to the eyes and brighter for different living environments.

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