If you have yet to update your household appliances and must-haves for 2018, the Chinese New Year is a good excuse as any to shop!
Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on February 16, 2018

I got married just as the Christmas and New Year festivities were reaching fever pitch, and this was immediately followed by my birthday celebrations, and then another destination wedding week to attend. I’m only starting to catch up on real life now, and one of my priorities is updating our current home in Iloilo. My husband and I plan to build our own home elsewhere soon, but until then, I intend to make our current home in the middle of a farm a bit more comfortable, even if it’s an hour away from the city.

I didn’t want to make major updates on our household appliances and tools; we’re reserving that for our new home. But here are the essentials that I want to start with from Philips, just in time to welcome my year—the Year of the Dog! (And hey, it’s pay-day and Valentine weekend, too!)

Philips LED bulbs

1. Philips Lighting SceneSwitch LED bulbs, which have a unique color-changing and 3-step brightness feature that make them perfect for task-lighting and ambient lighting in the household without compromising our electricity bill. What I love about it is how it already works with our regular existing switches, which means you need not rewire at all. We just needed to put the new bulbs, and voila! Depending on the type of bulbs I use, I can easily switch from warm white to cool daylight lighting, or from 100% brightness to 50% up to 10% by just flicking our switch off and on.

Philips warm lighting

Warm lighting setting of the Philips SceneSwitch LED bulb in the kitchen

Philips cool lighting

Cool lighting setting of the same Philips SceneSwitch LED bulb in the kitchen

I tried this first in my parents’ home in Manila, where we installed the Philips SceneSwitch LED bulb with warm and cool lighting settings in the kitchen—my mom uses warm white when she is working, cool daylight when she is cooking. I also put the SceneSwitch LED bulbs with two light settings in my bedroom: 100% when I’m writing and 50% when I’m just watching Netflix or about to go to bed. I also have purple and green Philips LED bulb options for my bedside lamp.

Philips 2 Lighting Bulb

I love the variety of options from Philips Lighting! They are all gentle and comfortable to the eyes and brighter for different living environments. For more information on Philips Lighting LED bulbs, read my previous blog post about them here.

Philips pressure cooker

2. Philips Electric Pressure Cooker, in which you can saute or sear with high & low temperature. With its easy to control cooking progress, you can supposedly cook all kinds of food with different settings that will make your life so easy and convenient. Also with the easy-to-clean detachable inner lid design, you can pressure cook with various direct menu buttons: Soup, Risotto, Rice, Steam, Meat/Poultry, and Manual. I’d love to experiment with this in our kitchen!

3. Philips Avance Collection Blender. I want to get my husband and I more into blending and shaking fruits for our beverages during mealtimes, instead of buying juices in cartons and bottles from the grocery. The powerful motor of this blender is supposed to handle just about anything—from fruits and vegetables to ice. Its multi-speed function can blend, crush, and cut for a perfectly smooth mix or any consistency you want. This way, my husband and I can enjoy cool, fresh fruit drinks every time—without the added sugar and preservatives.

Philips steamer

4. Philips EasyTouch Plus Garment Steamer. As someone who used to handle fashion shoots with models and celebrities, I know the value of having a steamer handy. This was especially useful to me at our prenup shoot last year, since I didn’t hire a stylist and just styled myself and my husband. Good thing our coordinator brought a steamer to our shoot location, which got me thinking we needed one of our own at home; my husband loves to steam his clothes. This one has a steam plate that is larger by 25% so it can cover more fabric area in one stroke. Compared to previous models, this garment steamer will let you be more efficient when steaming your clothes.

Philips iron

5. Philips PerfectCare Azur. Personally, I’m more of an iron kind of girl. My friends can attest that I prefer ironing clothes to washing them, if I were to pick just one chore to do, haha. So, I’m very picky with my iron (I’ve ruined a number of clothes with bad ones!). This one from Philips can supposedly iron any ironable garment from silk and linen to cotton and cashmere. With its OptimalTEMP Technology feature, it has the perfect combination of steam and temperature, which can help you with speedy ironing of your favorite clothes—and agree with my husband’s love of steaming, too.

To learn more about Philips healthy lifestyle innovations, visit philips.com.ph.

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