Pia Wurtzback Aquafina 2
Aquafina is crisp and delightfully free of any aftertaste—and it’s so affordable. It’s what Pia Wurtzbach would always drink in the US.
Data Sharing with Family
Globe Telecom has an ongoing advocacy that teaches everyone how to safely and responsibly use the Internet. They shared some tips.
5 Annual Exams
Here’s to hoping there’s enough left over from your 13th month pay after all the holiday shopping and feasting because you sure need to get these tests to ensure your clean slate in 2017.
There are a lot of planners out there, but I’m narrowing them down to these well-thought-out options—two can be yours for free, while a couple even come with perks!
It was an easy transition from my iPhone 6, yet there are still some things I’m getting used to—in a good way.
My beloved boyfriend of two years—now my fiancé—proposed at a private little spot in Central Park. With no friends around to take a video, here’s my account of how it went.
Globe confirmed they’ll offer the the best, most advanced iPhone to date. Details and link to the site here.