AndroidTV box screen
With this little contraption, we were able to turn our regular LED TV into a smart TV and access Google apps including Netflix—without linking it to another mobile device. Here’s how it works.
There are a lot of planners out there, but I’m narrowing them down to these well-thought-out options—two can be yours for free, while a couple even come with perks!
It was an easy transition from my iPhone 6, yet there are still some things I’m getting used to—in a good way.
My beloved boyfriend of two years—now my fiancé—proposed at a private little spot in Central Park. With no friends around to take a video, here’s my account of how it went.
Globe confirmed they’ll offer the the best, most advanced iPhone to date. Details and link to the site here.
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The latest iPhone will finally be officially available in the Philippines very soon. Find out what features I’m most excited about and how we can be the first to get it on postpaid.
Have you been together for a time and seem to be falling into the couple routine rut? Here are some tips for pumping back more freshness into your love.