You probably buy most, if not all, of your school books and supplies from NBS. This time, would you also want to get your diploma from NBS College? Weigh in here.
Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on April 2, 2018

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who grew up associating National Book Store with the excitement of a new school year—shopping for all-new school supplies and books that we’re excited to show off and use on the first day of school. If any, it’s what made me look forward to the start of each new school year—not really the classes themselves, haha. No, not even classmates, LOL.


Well, what do you know: National Book Store now has an actual school! After over 75 years of supporting Filipinos’ education and lifelong learning, National Book Store is taking the next step by creating an institution for higher learning at the heart of Quezon City. NBS College is located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the National Book Store Building, on Quezon Avenue corner Scout Borromeo and Panay Avenue. (To my fellow fans of the now defunct The Ramp Crossings, this is the building where the Crossings department store used to be.)

In 2017, the National Competitiveness Council ranked Quezon City No. 1 in terms of education. Quezon City is arguably the capital of Philippine education and cultural development—just look at the sheer number of good schools in the area.


I love these pops of color on their hallways

Why NBS College?

“My Lola Socorro Ramos’ biggest frustration in life was that she was not able to afford a college education. Because of this, she made it her life’s mission to help as many Filipino students as possible achieve the education she herself could not receive,” related NBS College President Adrian Ramos at his welcome speech during the launch of NBS College.

“It was with this in mind that my Lola opened the first National Book Store…to make books and school supplies accessible to Filipinos regardless of their economic standing. Despite her own success, she knows that a college education can help anyone get a head start in life. It is fitting that National Book Store is now formally entering the education sector by creating an institution where modern education strategies will converge with the intuition and values that my Lola has exhibited all her life,” he continued.


I wonder if NBS College students have access to the National Book Store’s best books in their library…

For school year 2018 – 2019, NBS College will be offering six in-demand degree programs: BS Accountancy, BS Accounting Information System, BS Entrepreneurship, BS Computer Science, BS Library and Information Science, and BS Tourism Management. Students will learn the critical foundations of their course and will be required at every level to put these to practice.

All courses are carefully selected to be entrepreneurship-centric, with industry experts as professors. We all know that entrepreneurship is now the aspiration, especially for millennials who want to do their own thing and earn from their passions.

Tourism Simulation Room

Tourism Simulation Room

“The programs we offer reflect the entrepreneurial heritage of National Book Store, as well as the demands of business and industry today—accountants and information specialists are in high demand, while the tourism and technology industries are expected to be the economic drivers of our country,” Ramos said. BS Library and Information Science, supposedly an unpopular course, is reportedly in demand in the country and abroad.

Computer Laboratory

Computer Laboratory

“Our goal is to make each of our students ready for the real world. That is what is different and special about our education. At NBS College, each student will learn the critical foundations of their course and will be required at every level to put these into practice. The workplace is more dynamic and challenging than ever before, and the skills that we will teach—collaboration, resilience, patience, hard work, and grit—combined with the fundamentals of each course…will make each NBS College graduate ready to succeed,” he asserted.

Who makes up the faculty?

NBS College’s modern facilities help create an environment of collaborative learning. NBS College is led by a team of academic professionals with significant track records in the academe, from top caliber schools:

Program Heads Office and Faculty Rooms

  • Vice Chairman of the Board:  Dr. Lydia Echauz, who was former Dean of De La Salle University’s Graduate School of Business, Associate Director of Ateneo de Manila University’s MBA program, and former president of Far Eastern University
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs: Dr. Cecilia Anido, who holds a PhD in Education and previously served as Vice President for Academic Affairs of Far Eastern University, as well as a technical panel member for IT education in the Commission on Higher Education
  • Vice President for Administration and Academic Services: Ms. June Sebastian, the former executive director of Makati Hope Christian School
  • Vice President for Finance and Legal Affairs: Atty. Deborah Acosta-Cajustin, who is also a Law Professor in San Beda College and the Finance and Legal Director of the National Book Store group
  • Dean of College: Mr. Lakan-Asa Bautista, who previously served as the Executive Director and Dean of College in Far Eastern University – Diliman and is currently a consultant of the Philippine Information Agency
  • Program Heads: Dr. Rolando Austria for Computer Science, Ms. Elnora Conti for Library and Information Science, Dr. Gloria Guanzon for Entrepreneurship, Ms. Elizabeth Tungol for Accountancy and Accounting Information System, and Mr. Arnold Zaguirre for Tourism Management

Business Simulation Room

Business Simulation Room

NBS College also aims to establish industry partnerships that will help define and solidify their students’ readiness to tackle the realities of each field. For one, Mercato Centrale and the Mercato Academy, led by RJ Ledesma, have agreed to become their industry partner for Entrepreneurship and to help provide the real world training for the students in this course. They are looking forward to welcoming other partners in the coming months.

Some of their faculty will team-teach with representatives from their partner companies such as Mercato to bring to life their vision of experience-based learning that prepares their students for the real world.

Classroom (2)

They’re targeting 500 enrolees within the first year, but the school facilities have a capacity for 1,500 to 2,000 students, with space for expansion.

How much is the tuition and do they offer scholarships?

To commemorate the establishment of this school, NBS College is offering scholarship grants of P12,500 per year per student of the pioneer batch. These grants will be given to them each of the four years that they will be in school. The students from the pioneer batch can expect their tuition to remain the same for all four years. The average tuition per semester is between P30,000 to P50,000, depending on the course.

Admission Office

Admission Office

NBS College is also giving merit-based scholarship grants to top 10 graduating students from senior high schools, while the National Book Store Foundation has made an initial commitment of 10 need-based scholarship grants for the pioneer batch.

The first 75 accepted applicants who are employees of the NBS Group and/or their dependents will get a 20% discount on their tuition, while the rest are automatically entitled to 5% off on tuition. They even offer salary loans for tuition, payable through salary deduction.

So, given everything you found out about NBS College here, do you think this is the college for you this school year? Let me know when you comment!

Applications for SY 2018 – 2019 are ongoing. Learn more about NBS College on their website. For further inquiries, e-mail or call 216-5716.

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