The Summer 2018 collection of Pottery Barn & Pottery Barn Kids make perfect gifts for special women in your life, including moms-to-be; plus, they can turn your home into the ultimate summer abode.
Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on May 10, 2018

The launch of the Summer 2018 collections of Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids last May 7, 2018 came at the perfect time, as I was really out that day—and flew all the way to Metro Manila from Iloilo, in fact—to get my Mom a gift for her birthday and Mother’s Day, which fall within days from each other this week.

30. Pottery Barn, Marianna Reversible Duvet, P7950 (Full_ Queen Duvet), P8650 (King Duvet), P1950 (Sham)

Pottery Barn Marianna Reversible Duvet, P7,950 (Full Queen Duvet), P8,650 (King Duvet), P1,950 (Sham)

It was also the perfect opportunity to shop and take virtual notes and pegs for the interiors of the future home my husband and I hope to have soon. Since we’re both summer and beach lovers (we met and fell in love in a beach resort, after all), the fresh, energizing palette of the summer-perfect items at Pottery Barn will be perfect for the home we envision (and the future room of our future kids).

8. Pottery Barn Kids, Modern Wingback Swivel Glider Recliner, P69,500

Pottery Barn Kids Modern Wingback Swivel Glider Recliner, P69,500

Here are some gift ideas for your mom and the special mother figures in your life, as well as for baby showers for the moms-to-be and new mommas among your friends. And hey, like me, sneak in some shopping and vision board-making for your own home, too! I threw in some tips from the experts at Pottery Barn.

Gift ideas for Moms

Tip #1: ”Easily update your spaces and infuse a bright, summery vibe by incorporating tropical prints and natural materials such as rattan, wicker, and bamboo into your home. A pop of green does well to liven up your corners and you don’t need a real plant to do so.”

19. Pottery Barn, Faux Potted Sago Palm Tree, P3950

Faux Potted Sago Palm Tree, P3,950

24. Pottery Barn, Faux Potted Areca Palm Tree, P3950

Faux Potted Areca Palm Tree, P3,950

20. Pottery Barn, Faux Potted Orchid, P3450

Faux Potted Orchid, P3,450

Moms would love Pottery Barn’s faux potted Areca Palm, Sago Palm, and Orchid that won’t wither under extreme summer heat—you don’t even need to water them. Give a touch of the tropical theme to any living room and dining spaces with fun accents like the Palm Printed Melamine Plate, beautifully painted with lush, green leaves, or the Kai Leaf Pillow Cover, which she can throw onto her couch.

34.  Pottery Barn, Coconut Palm Plates, P495 (Dinner), P445 (Salad)

Coconut Palm Plates, P495 (Dinner), P445 (Salad)

18. Pottery Barn Kai Banana Leaf Pillow P3,950, Kai Palm Leaf P2,950

Kai Banana Leaf Pillow, P3,950; Kai Palm Leaf, P2,950

Tip #2: ”Play up the nautical theme for a coastal-inspired home with stripes, whites, and cool, blue hues—or even a pop of cherry red!”

Limit these to key accent pieces such as throw pillows, candles and candle holders, and vases, like these finds from Pottery Barn that you can give Mom:

7. Pottery Barn, Sea Glass Vases, P1950 (ea)

Sea Glass Vases, P1,950 each

23. Pottery Barn,  Flameless  Candle, Assorted

Flameless Candle (assorted)

21. Pottery Barn, Malta Lanterns, P1950 (S), P2450 (M), P5950 (L)

Malta Lanterns, P1,950 (S), P2,450 (M), P5,950 (L)

Tip #3: Bring Mom some much-needed relaxation by helping her create a space that becomes an ode to the sun, sand, and sea.

Gift Moms with rugs in hues that echo the colors of the sea. Blue crabs, salmon-hued seahorses, and corals would also make cute accents for her table while adding a fun touch to an outdoor vignette.

9. Pottery Barn, Oxford Stripe Indoor_Outdoor Rug, P10,500 (5x8)

Oxford Stripe Indoor-Outdoor Rug, P10,500 (5×8)

29. Pottery Barn, Vintage Hurricane Glass, P495 (S), P695 (M), P895 (L)

Vintage Hurricane Glass, P495 (S), P695 (M), P895 (L)

Tip #4: For baby showers or their first Mother’s Day, give new moms these new pieces from Pottery Barn Kids in fun, whimsical designs for their little ones’ new personal spaces and belongings. You can even have some of them personalized!

15. Pottery Barn Kids, Icon Tote  P2,750 (ea)

Pottery Barn Kids Icon Tote, P2,750 each

21. Pottery Barn Kids, Bed in a Bag, P11,500 (Full), P9,500 (Twin)

Pottery Barn Kids Bed in a Bag, P11,500 (Full), P9,500 (Twin)

Moms who would love taking their babies to water escapades will love Pottery Barn Kids’ soft, brightly colored Classic Beach Towels and Bath Wraps that come in animal, sweet mermaid, and unicorn prints.

9. Pottery Barn Kids, Bath Wrap P2,250

Bath Wrap, P2,250

16. Pottery Barn Kids, Towel Wraps, P1,450 (ea)

Pottery Barn Kids Towel Wraps, P1,450 each

17. Pottery Barn Kids, Classic Beach Towel, P1,950 (ea)

Pottery Barn Kids Classic Beach Towel, P1,950 each

When they eventually ease their babies from milk to solids, equip them with these Bamboozle eco-friendly plates that are made from 70% Biodegradable Bamboo fiber that won’t break even when dropped, and come in a slew of fun, quirky designs: from dancing crabs to adorable kitties, mermaids, and sharks!

14. Pottery Barn, Eco Plates, P595 (ea)

Pottery Barn Kids Eco Plates, P595 each

Put together a slice of summer paradise at your own home

Tip #5: ”Make your home summer-ready by adding wood accents to call to mind lazy afternoons by the beach.”

3. Pottery Barn, Cammeray Wicker Sectional, Price Available Upon Request

Cammeray Wicker Sectional, price available upon request

While shopping at Pottery Barn for the mothers in your life, you might as well treat yourself to some home shopping of your own, especially if you’re furnishing a new space. A beautiful addition to your home is the simple yet elegant Kali Bar Cart and Kelly Woven Palm Lantern, which are not only appropriate for summer, but also look perfect all year round.

22. Pottery Barn, Kelly Woven Palm Lantern, P2950 (S), P4950 (L)

Kelly Woven Palm Lantern, P2,950 (S), P4,950 (L)

Another approach to fully capture the seaside vibe is to extend your oceanic escape outside with Pottery Barn’s Cammeray, Hampstead, and Indio Living and Dining Collections that offer a diverse selection of home styling inspirations and bring a chic, beach resort feel into your outdoor spaces.

4. Pottery Barn, Cammeray All Weather Wicker Sofa P79,500

Cammeray All Weather Wicker Sofa, P79,500

5. Pottery Barn, Cammeray All Weather Wicker Single Chaise P59,500

Cammeray All Weather Wicker Single Chaise, P59,500

25. Pottery Barn, Cammeray All Weather Wicker Dining Collection, Dining Armchair P24,500, Dining Side Chair P19,500, Dining Table P64,500

Cammeray All Weather Wicker Dining Collection: Dining Armchair, P24,500; Dining Side Chair, P19,500; Dining Table, P64,500

26. Pottery Barn, Indio Collection, Dining Table P59,500, Side Chair P8,950 (ea) (1)

Indio Collection: Dining Table, P59,500; Side Chair P8,950 each

28. Pottery Barn, Indio Collection, Sectional P115,500, Side Table P16,500, Occasional Chair P31,500

Indio Collection: Sectional, P115,500; Side Table, P16,500; Occasional Chair, P31,500

27. Pottery Barn, Hampstead Teak Dining Collection, Expandable Dining Table , Price Available Upon Request, Side Dining Chair P24,500 (ea)

Hampstead Teak Dining Collection: Expandable Dining Table, price available upon request; Side Dining Chair, P24,500 each

Tip #6: ”Easily echo the laid-back, carefree vibe of coastal style, even if you don’t live seaside, with soft denims, sun-bleached colors, and driftwood finishes.”

Another great investment piece for your own home that won’t weigh down the feel of a space is the white June Bed, which can work in your master or even for your guesthouse for an easy, breezy bedroom vibe.

15. Pottery Barn, June Bed, P74,500 (King), P64,500 (Queen)

June Bed, P74,500 (King), P64,500 (Queen)

The soothing palette from Pottery Barn’s collections this season, while subdued, can be played up according to your tastes by layering on different textures like distressed wood and natural fibers with polished-nickel, glass, and Carrara marble with their Tanner, Alexandra, and Ivy Table Collections for a balanced look of rustic seaside elegance.

6. Pottery Barn, Tanner Glass Dining Table, P49,500

Tanner Glass Dining Table, P49,500

1. Pottery Barn, Alexandra Coffee Table, P39,500

Alexandra Coffee Table, P39,500

14. Pottery Barn, Ivy Accent Table, P19,500

Ivy Accent Table, P19,500

In the Philippines, Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids are exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. Pottery Barn has branches at Central Square in Bonifacio High Street Central, at the 4th Level of Rustan’s Makati, at the 3rd Level of Rustan’s Tower in Shangri-La Plaza, and at Estancia in Capitol Commons. Pottery Barn Kids has branches at Central Square in Bonifacio High Street Central, at the 3rd Level of Rustan’s Tower in Shangri-La Plaza, and at Estancia in Capitol Commons.

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