Globe Telecom has an ongoing advocacy that teaches everyone how to safely and responsibly use the Internet. They shared some tips.
Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on January 13, 2017

Confession: There isn’t a day I don’t feel like deactivating my Facebook account and never logging on to any of my social media accounts ever again. Sadly, that’s like saying I might as well look for something else to do with my life, because my blog and chosen career are so closely tied to—and dependent on—social media.

The next best thing to do is help spread awareness about responsible use of the internet, the way Globe Telecom is doing with its #CyberPinoy advocacy, which teaches millennials, families, and SMEs how Internet can be a friend instead of a foe.

Check out their awesome first video for this campaign:

This advocacy is so close to my heart because I’m honestly so exasperated with how people tend to overshare (and air dirty laundry) on social media, and how worried I am for their safety.

Globe shared some tips and tricks with on how to be a responsible and safe—not to mention more positive—#CyberPinoy. I shared some of their useful tips below, with some tips of my own, but check out the full article for the complete details.

Bottom line, don’t overshare.

1. “Don’t post personal information that could be used to steal your identity.”

2. Make sure your location settings are off, and never share your exact location on social media.

Data Sharing with devices

3. Don’t click links that are obviously not from a credible source—they may launch malware that can damage your gadgets or grant access to your private information.

4. Don’t post photos of your travel documents like boarding pass, visa, or passport—not even the part with the bar code.

5. Don’t share information with strangers. Actually, don’t even add them on Facebook, which ideally should not have a “Public” setting. And if you can keep your Twitter and Instagram private (AKA friends only), that’s probably for the best.

6. Read before you share; online libel is just one of the many risks you put yourself through because of carelessness.

7. Don’t flaunt photos of your possessions, especially jewelry, expensive gadgets, and other luxury goods—no matter how tempting it is to tell the world you own an Hermes bag. (I know I’m guilty of this, especially when I need to post about a new item a brand would like me to share with my followers.)

Data Sharing with Family

8. Watch your children’s internet usage and make sure your gadgets’ browser and usage settings are set to kid-safe.

9. Please don’t fight on social media—including with people whose political views are worlds apart from yours.

10. Be more positive on social media and only post or share inspiring, educational, and uplifting things on your timeline.

Photos courtesy of Globe

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