Globe myBusiness Academy online reaches more would-be business owners nationwide!
Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on May 15, 2018
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When I got engaged, I made the decision to leave Metro Manila and give up my corporate career to move to Iloilo where my husband is based. He’s a business owner in the province, so it only made sense that I move, since as a freelance writer and editor, I can pretty much earn from anywhere. But, besides freelancing, I long to one day establish my own business in the province.

Globe myBusiness Academy 2

This is why I was so happy to learn that Globe myBusiness, the micro, small, and medium enterprise arm of Globe Telecom, launched last Wednesday, May 9, 2018, its online learning site designed to provide entrepreneurs nationwide—not just those in Metro Manila—with easy access to lessons and insights from industry experts anytime and anywhere they may be.

Called Globe myBusiness Academy Online, the website was created to reach more entrepreneurs nationwide. This new alternative provides articles, as well as live-streamed or pre-recorded workshops and webisodes from leaders in the Food, Tourism, Education, Finance, Retail, and Manufacturing sectors, among others, thereby, giving anyone interested some guidance on how they can succeed in the business they are passionate about.

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It’s great for all entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs who just don’t have the time to be physically present at seminars. And this is ideal for me because I can learn from home, even while I’m stuck in our farm house in Iloilo or anywhere else outside of Metro Manila.

“Whatever industry you belong to, and whatever stage of your business journey you’re currently in, there’s a lot for you to learn and benefit from in Globe myBusiness Academy. Even if you’re not a business owner yet and are only considering starting a business, the Academy can also be a source of inspiration for business concepts and motivation to get you started,” said Senior Advisor for Globe myBusiness Derrick Heng at the launch.

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Last year, a total of 53 Globe myBusiness Academy sessions were run in Metro Manila and in other key cities. Globe myBusiness Academy is a program created for new and existing business owners to learn important tips and get key business advice from more experienced colleagues and experts in various industries for free.

With the added online platform, existing and potential business owners can now learn from Globe myBusiness’ partners and distinguished clients the fundamentals and advanced tips to get them where they want to be in their business journey.

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Watch webisodes that can help your business without leaving your place of business is part of the team’s mission to inspire and empower MSMEs all over the Philippines. Apart from offering business solutions that ease the daily operations and overall strategy of entrepreneurs and executives, Globe myBusiness Academy is the go-to source of expertise and inspiration for startup owners as well as experienced business people.

Beyond providing the tools business owners can use to succeed, Globe myBusiness has also established itself as a resource provider and leader in various business industries, enlightening entrepreneurs on the trends, practices, tips, and strategies that can help them run their businesses.

Help steer your business to success by learning more from Globe myBusiness Academy. Sign up for free at

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