I turn to the BG Bridal Gallery App when there’s no one with whom to exchange ideas. I share my thoughts and tips I learned. Plus: promos!
Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on May 26, 2017

People keep asking me if I’m stressed with wedding planning, but I always find answering this complicated. You see, wedding planning per se is not what’s stressing me out. There are certain moments in the wedding planning period that stress me out, and they all have to do with not having my ideal support group in planning this wedding.

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I have that stress of a bride-to-be who’s planning a wedding in a city that’s an hour-long flight away from home, where she doesn’t speak the dialect, and she’s always constantly worried that suppliers from that city are overcharging her just because of this. I decided to get all my suppliers from the city where I’m getting married, hoping this will help me save (no out of town fees to worry about), but sometimes I’m not sure if I’m really saving or just doubling my expenses. Then there’s the stress of half my entourage not even being based in the Philippines, with gown fittings almost impossible to arrange, and the worry at the back of my mind that they might not show up at all—add that to worrying about whether guests from out of town or the country will show up at all.

All my best friends are married and are busy with more important adult matters than getting as excited for my wedding as we all were for their weddings. It’s impossible to bring friends or even family along to meetings with suppliers when all my suppliers are out of town, and some of my friends are not even in the country. I did hire a wedding coordinator for full coordination, yet they can’t really be as responsive as quickly or as often as I’d like—and it’s just not the same as discussing with girlfriends. The funny thing is, people who aren’t even on our wedding guest list (so far) seem more supportive and excited about our wedding than those who are invited and somehow expected to care. I’ve been feeling very alone in the process, but I have to give props to my fiancé, who has been my constant source of support, even if wedding preps make him cranky. Haha. My parents, of course, have always been there.

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So yes, after that honest-to-goodness answer to everyone’s question about whether or not wedding preps are stressing me out, I did find that turning to technology and all the available resources online at least distracts me from all other things that are otherwise getting me bummed about wedding preps. Thank goodness for wedding websites, Instagram, and Pinterest for all the wedding inspo and ideas that I would have otherwise gotten from friends or my coordinator. And now, there’s also a cool new app that’s specifically designed to curate this wealth of ideas into something more streamlined for the wedding a bride has in mind: The BG Bridal Gallery app. This app is a mobile wedding ally, especially for brides who are literally all alone and lacking a support group in wedding planning.

This international wedding planning company gives brides in Metro Manila access to stress-free wedding preparations through its mobile app and offers free wedding planning consultations in its showroom at Bonifacio Global City.

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A wedding planning tool at your fingertips

Understanding the needs of today’s busy brides, the BG Bridal Gallery app aims to give brides-to-be access to all things wedding, anytime, anywhere, from wedding ideas to promos and more.

Brides-to-be can discover great planning tips on a wide variety of topics and inspiration from different global themes, as well as have access to wedding professionals. They can also enjoy special promos and have VIP access to discounts and freebies offered in the app. Available on iOS and Android, the app is free and can be downloaded at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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The app is so easy to use, and you can browse ideas the way you would on Instagram. You can filter selections by color themes, and you can easily share these on social media and messaging apps. You can bookmark and add items to your own wedding gallery. You can also browse their directory of suppliers in the Philippines and use the app to contact them. This app is really meant to support the wedding planning efforts of brides-to-be.

Some trends we learned from BG Bridal Gallery are how cinematic wedding videos with personalized storylines are trending, while pre-wedding photo shoots out of town remain popular. The most popular wedding wedding themes in 2017 so far are greenery, rustic, and modern—with a lot of DIY elements. Motifs are also more colorful and varied than before, allowing brides to really express their personality. Did you also know that the average wedding budget for Filipinos is P200,000 to P600,000? This really makes me wonder why my wedding expenses are way over this, huhu.

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I also learned a tip from Maxene Magalona, a celebrity bride-to-be and ambassador of BG Bridal Gallery: Have words that you as a couple can go back to to guide the wedding planning. Theirs include “meaningful, simple, and full of love.” Her wedding planning strategy with fiance Robby Mananquil is “50-50″—they both must agree on every element of the wedding planning.

Mobile app launch promos

Brides who download the app have the chance to win prizes, like a P25,000 voucher they can use to purchase any BG Bridal Gallery wedding service and dinner for two at High Street Cafe, Shangri-La The Fort at the monthly draw.

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BG Bridal Gallery is also inviting newlyweds to help future brides through their “Help Brides Out: Drop a Review and Win!” campaign. They can win a free dinner at Shangri-La at the Fort by leaving reviews for their wedding professionals, so they can help more brides create their perfect wedding day by learning from their experience. Newlyweds can get a raffle entry by downloading and signing up in the BG Bridal Gallery App—the more reviews they give, the more raffle entries they can get.

One Stop Shop Wedding Planning Solutions

BG Bridal Gallery also offers engaged couples a one-stop-shop solution to wedding planning. With a free consultancy service from their expert wedding planners, the company aims to make wedding planning easy and stress-free. BG Bridal Gallery offers on-the-day coordination, full coordination, and a one-stop-shop wedding package.

BG Bridal Gallery has been in the wedding industry since 1976, having filmed real love stories of more than one million couples with NST Pictures. They’ve witnessed different cultures and traditions, and captured wedding moments across the globe, especially in Japan, United States, and the Philippines where they are present. By bringing global themes and design, they give Filipina brides more choices for their dream wedding.

The BG Bridal Gallery Showroom is located at Unit 312, 3rd Floor C2 Building, Bonifacio High Street Central, BGC, Taguig City. To inquire or to book BG Bridal Gallery’s wedding planning, brides can visit their showroom, open from 10AM to 8PM, Monday to Sunday (except holidays). They can also sign up for FREE consultation at the BG Bridal Gallery Facebook, or through 02-7209804 or infoph@bgbridalgallery.com. For more information on BG Bridal Gallery and its latest promos and activities, they can visit the website.

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