It was an easy transition from my iPhone 6, yet there are still some things I’m getting used to—in a good way.
Featured | Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on November 26, 2016

ILOILO – As I gushed about in this post, I’ve been looking forward to getting the new iPhone 7 since it was announced, and now, I finally got it from Globe Telecom, through myLifestyle plan! I’ve been using it for a week now, and I couldn’t be happier. Of course there are some things I need to get used to that are different from the habits I built around my iPhone 6, but it was a quick and welcome transition.


My new iPhone 7

I have yet to test if it’s truly splash- and water-resistant—I don’t want to until I absolutely have to, i.e. when taking outdoor photos in the rain or at the beach, or when I splash drinks on it on a nightout, haha. But it’s good to know I finally have a phone that has that quality. And, I was able to get it in Rose Gold—it’s so pretty, I don’t want to put it in a protective case just yet (also, read above)!


One of the things that made me really happy about my new iPhone is how I finally have more memory to play with now, yay! I used to always miss important moments when my phone’s memory would run out in the middle of taking travel photos (it even played a role in my proposal story), but I don’t think that would happen as often now that I went from 12GB to 128GB of memory with my new iPhone. I can’t wait to fill this phone with LOTS of new travel photos and memories!


Photo of the Jaro Cathedral bell tower taken from a moving vehicle using my iPhone 7 (no editing whatsoever)


Photo of Jaro Cathedral taken using the iPhone 7 looks nice and clear, even against the light and taken from a moving vehicle (no editing)

And speaking of taking photos, I’ve been happy so far with the quality of the 12MP camera, even if I have yet to bring it to more trips and food reviews. While I have yet to figure out how to brighten photos more and use the Live feature (I hate reading manuals, so I’ll just have to get the hang of it as I go along, haha), the photos I’ve taken so far are clear and crisp, thanks to the optical image stabilization (see above). I also like how even selfies are sharper with the new 7MP HD front camera and brighter in low light (instead of an actual front camera flash, the Retina Flash turns the screen white—matching the ambient light—as the photo is taken, for a natural-looking skin tone).

I have yet to road test the video capabilities, as the camera allows 4K resolution for videos, which I can now edit with the built-in iMovie in my phone, and then share it on social media immediately after. It can also supposedly do slo-mo videos in 1080p and 720p HD.

My iPhone is always plugged to my boyfriend’s truck’s USB port so we can play music from Spotify, that’s why I haven’t been able to test its battery life yet, but since I unboxed it a week ago, I’ve only charged it twice and I’ve never needed to use my power bank yet. I’ll be able to really put the battery life to the test when I start attending back-to-back events next month.


Other things I like about it are the great sound quality from the speakers and its bright and clear display. I also like the iOS 10 so far, especially the new interface and features of Messages, Photos app (with better sorting of albums—even by people, events, and location—thanks to the Memories feature that even lets me make a slideshow with music! I can go on and on), Notes, and my Notifications—I get more information when it pops up. I’m also happy my iPhone now comes preinstalled with Pages (Mac version of Word), Numbers (version of Excel), and Keynote (counterpart of Powerpoint), which I need for work, so I can definitely work from anywhere now, even without my Macbook.

I just have a love-hate relationship with the new Home button and Touch ID, haha! The Touch ID is so fast, and the Home button more responsive and pressure sensitive than I’m used to, even after I’ve customized it (also a first for an iPhone). But I think it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

The earphones aren’t wireless and don’t come with its own case, as I expected, but they do come with a lightning connector, so I need not worry about the transition or using different earphones on my iPhone 7. I just can’t charge my phone and listen to music on my earphones at the same time.


The other great thing about specifically getting my iPhone 7 from Globe is how it comes with the Globe of Good bundle, just in time for the season of giving. Through the Globe of Good bundle, not only did I get the new iPhone, I also had the opportunity to give back to various communities, just like other customers who got the iPhone 7.

With the customer’s support for Globe and the new iPhone 7, we were able to contribute a special Globe of Good gift to selected partner causes. Participating recipient organizations include KIVA, an online crowdsourcing platform to support micro-enterprises; the Global Filipino Schools program that brings 21st century learning in public schools through ICT; and the Hineleban Foundation for the rehabilitation of forests in Northern and Central Mindanao. Upon receiving my new phone, I received the voucher that confirms my donation to all three organizations.

Still don’t have the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus? Order it now via They are available through the Globe myLifestyle plans that already come with unlimited texts and calls to Globe/TM, mobile data and free access to content such as Netflix, Disney Channel Apps, HOOQ, and NBA, among others.

I also noticed that Globe has indeed and continues to expand its Long Term Evolution (LTE) footprint and migrate its customers to the LTE network—I’m in Iloilo now, and finally, I get LTE on my iPhone, sometimes even in towns farther away from the city! If you’re a postpaid customer who has yet to switch to LTE, don’t worry—you will receive your new LTE SIMs together with the new iPhone 7. The SIMs are free of charge and will still carry your current mobile number.

For more information on how to get your iPhone from Globe and complete details on pricing, visit For more information on the iPhone, visit

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