I’m desperate to get back in shape for my wedding, so I’ve rounded up some of my fitness ideas, including some from Century Tuna’s latest campaign.
Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on January 30, 2017

It’s so hard to lose weight in my 30s! UGH!

In my 20s, all I had to do was cut back on carbs, go on a salad diet, attend yoga classes a few times a week, and voila, I’m ready for my bikini photos! But now that I’ve hit my 30s, I noticed that even if I try doing these things, I still don’t lose weight as fast as I used to. So lately, I’ve been hiding beneath one-piece swimsuits when I go swimming and black or dark outfits when I go out because I feel that I haven’t lost all the weight I gained during all my trips in the latter half of 2016 and the holidays.

I really have to get back in shape, not just for my wedding at the end of this year, but also for the prenup photo shoot we’re planning to schedule in summer at a beach, of course! As I’ve mentioned in this post, wanting to have a sexier, more fit body shouldn’t just be a start-of-the-year and pre-beach-trip goal; it should be a lifestyle that’s sustained year-round, each year.

Allow me to share with you some ideas I have for getting back in shape this 2017. Share yours with me, too, when you comment!


1. Avoid temptation

I’ve tried to cut down my food and alcohol intake, but it’s harder than ever (where has my willpower gone?), and it doesn’t help that my metabolism is slower. I learned that weight-loss shouldn’t depend on our willpower; we should actually have a fitness plan that does NOT rely on it. So, I completely avoid buying junk food altogether, just so I am not tempted to reach for them whenever I feel hungry. I’ve asked my mom and my fiancé that we should eat salads during meals at home. I’ve also stopped stocking our liquor cabinet with wine so I’m not tempted to drink alone for no reason.

I’m also eating more tuna, which is delicious but definitely healthier than steak, bacon, fried chicken, and all the meat dishes I love to indulge in. Whenever I do groceries with my mom or fiance, we stock up on Century Tuna, which we put in salads, sandwiches, or on crackers as hors d’oeuvres. This way, we get to eat healthy without feeling deprived.


2. Get moving

I bought a 100-day yoga class card back in 2015, and up to now, I still have around 40 classes left to use before they expire by the end of February. So I’m motivating myself to do more yoga and not making any excuses. I try to fit yoga around my schedule: going to studios near where my errands and events are for the day, and trying to go as frequently as I can (two to four times a week). I try other classes besides the hot yoga I prefer if they’re the ones that better fit my schedule. And whenever I do yoga at the studio nearest my house, I brisk walk the whole 4-5KM distance to get to the studio; not only do I get some cardio, I also save on transpo.

Oh, and I stand up and move around (i.e. wash dishes, do chores) immediately after every meal.


3. Use fashion as motivation

No one believes me when I tell people I am overweight, but my clothes don’t lie: I’ve had to put away a lot of my clothes (mostly skinny jeans, body-hugging outfits, and crop tops) because they no longer fit me. Some clothes still fit but they reveal unflattering bulges here and there, so I’ve set them aside until further notice. My black, dark, and loose clothes are now getting a lot of airtime, and I’m not exactly happy about it. So, to motivate myself more, I swore I will not buy new clothes until I can fit back in my old ones and am back to my desired size.

I also challenged myself by asking my bridal gown designer to make my wedding dress as figure hugging as possible. She also said she’ll make it in the kind of fabric that clings to the body. This way, I’m motivated to get really toned and slim.


4. Learn others’ fitness activities to get more tips and ideas

I love learning how people lose weight and keep fit, whether from stories I find in magazines and websites or my own friends’ fitness practices. I also like reading up on celebrities’ weight-loss programs and diets just so I can try to apply them to my own fitness journey. Celebs need to have a very strict fitness program to achieve and maintain their hot bods that are always in front of the camera. I’m interested in the “No Excuses: The Century Tuna Challenge” involving TV host and creative consultant Raymond Gutierrez, who will attempt to be healthier and more fit in three months’ time with the help of three experts: his friend and lifestyle coach Erwan Heussaff, nutrition coach to the stars Nadine Tengco, and fitness coach and Philippine Volcano rugby player Arnold Aninion.

Raymond’s journey will be documented on video and a series of online content that everyone can follow over the course of 12 weeks. There will be exercises, diet tips, healthy food and juice recipes, and other lifestyle-changing fitness tips to help all of us who are trying to get back in shape. You can watch and follow Raymond’s journey by visiting superbods.ph.

Every week, people will be encouraged to submit photos and videos, which Century Tuna will consolidate. They will post the best ones weekly, and after 12 weeks, they will select two winners (one male, one female) who went through the most transformation to win a year’s supply of Century Tuna and cash prizes.

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