Earn raffle entries to win tickets by subscribing to Globe or Tattoo GoSURF or Tattoo Home Broadband Plans up to TODAY, April 20, 2015.
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For weeks, we’ve been reading about celebs—everyone from actors to performers and even models and fashionistas—flocking to Coachella clad in their barely there, getting-crazier-by-the-year outfits, and all we can do is gawk at their photos from our laptops and mobile devices. Well, by some fortunate twist of fate, it’s these laptops and mobile devices that can get us into the music and arts festival of the year right here in Manila—that is, if you’re a subscriber of Globe!

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The Wanderland Music and Arts Festival will be held on Saturday, April 25, 2015, at the the Globe Circuit Grounds, so pack your camping gear and get ready for loads of fun, adventure, dining, and eargasm from noon until midnight.

Last year’s Wanderland had a carnival theme and featured fun outdoor carnival games and performances from indie artists from around the world. On its third year, this annual feel-good habit will bring the Central District of Manila a full-fledged camp festival experience for guilt-free music and art satisfaction. Troupes and backpackers can enjoy a one-day getaway in a blissful and surreal camp experience, with outdoor activities such as music exhibitions, live art, treasure hunt, and obstacle courses. So exciting!

The Wanderland Day Camp will feature much-awaited performances from international acts Kid Cudi, RAC, Augustana, The Jungle Giants, Youngblood Hawke, as well as local artists Hale, Sinyma, Kate Torralba, and more. I’m particularly excited for RAC!

These acts will serve as your live soundtrack as you express your thoughts on a freedom wall, chill on a hammock, savor s’mores, and try other cool things. If you thought last year’s Globe Wanderlounge was great, wait until you see what Globe has in store for all Wanderers this year!

Be one of the lucky 100 Wanderers to win tickets

You can earn raffle entries to win tickets to Wanderland Day Camp 2015 by subscribing to Globe or Tattoo GoSURF or Tattoo Home Broadband Plans up to TODAY, April 20, 2015. Subscribing to GoSURF 10, for example, automatically gets you 10 raffle entries. Once you’ve subscribed, Globe Prepaid customers can register to the raffle by sending in Wanderland REG <Name>/<Address>/<Email>/<Age>/<Gender>  to 2662. Postpaid, Tattoo Postpaid, and Tattoo Home Broadband customers are required to register to the raffle once, but only by texting in “Wanderland Raffle” to 2662.

See full mechanics here: http://www.globe.com.ph/wanderland.


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Listen to the official Wanderland Top Hits 2015 Playlist on Spotify

Ready to get going? Amp up the excitement, follow, and listen to Wanderland Top Hits 2015 NOW.

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