Super relatable #hugot story aside, there’s actually awesome info in the latest ad about the Data Sharing and Rollover services for Globe Postpaid myLifestyle and Platinum subscribers.
Fun Stuff | By Trixie Reyna on September 1, 2016

I was at the Iloilo airport waiting for my flight back to Manila last night when I saw my friends sharing the latest ad from Globe Telecom with the hashtag #TakeThatChance and something about how they could find themselves in the story or how people will certainly be able to relate to it in their captions. I was intrigued, of course, so I watched it—three times, haha! Here’s the video, if you haven’t seen it yet:

In case you got too immersed in the story and memories of your past (hahahaha!), and missed the main message of the video, let me break it down for you: Globe introduced two new products, the Data Rollover and Data Sharing, which allow you to use your leftover data until the next month and even share it with your loved ones.

Data Rollover allows your unused data to be carried over to the next month once. For example, if you only used 2GB of your 3GB allowance for August, your unused 1GB will be added to your September data allowance. The rolled over data will be used first next month, and will be valid for one month only. When you have excess in September, it rolls over to October, and so on. All remaining rolled-over data will be forfeited on the second month if not used. (You MUST use your second chance, hehe!) Data Rollover has no extra charge.

Globe Data Rollover

Meanwhile, Data Sharing allows subscribers with multiple postpaid lines in one account to share data. For example, you can give 1GB data to your mom, younger brother, or daughter for the month, and the unused data will be rolled over for the next month. You can share data with your family or your other devices.

No need to hotspot now, since you and your loved ones can surf online wherever you are without draining your battery. You also get great value for money because you end up spending less than when you get separate data plans per line. It also makes for convenient billing, as you’ll find records of all your data spending in one bill. Data sharing is available for mobile numbers under the same account only and must be under a myLifestyle Plan or a Data-Only Share Plan. A P100 monthly share fee applies per SIM or device.

Data consumption for both services, as mentioned, will be on first come, first serve basis.

To avail these services, subscribers must first go to and register.

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