I hate stories about unfaithful men and the other woman, but somehow, this Repertory Philippines production lightened up the subject.
Fun Stuff | By Trixie Reyna on April 24, 2015

07 Run For Your Wife cast

I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned, anything related to cheating—from books to movies or even stories of people being cheated on—is painful, even scary, to me. I steer clear of them (no matter how many times friends told me to watch No Other Woman I never did and I never will). I just can’t bear to watch, read, or hear about people being unfaithful. That is, until I watched Repertory Philippines’ second show for 2015, the comedy Run For Your Wife.

And I watched it with my boyfriend no less. I figured, if they can make this really funny, maybe it’s time I sort of faced my “fear.” After a long day of errands and events, by the end of that Friday, all my boyfriend and I wanted to do was just unwind. Thing is, my boyfriend is not exactly a theater fan, but I convinced him to watch the play with me by assuring him it’s not a musical and by simply telling him the title, which made him laugh and intrigued him. I also gave him a summary of the plot, based on what I knew: This funny West End hit by Ray Cooney follows John Smith, a taxi driver who secretly has two wives—and two households. It’s a classic story, but it’s really interesting how it was written (of course you’ll have to watch it to find out).

05 Goldie Soon as Mary Smith, Jamie Wilson as John Smith, Jeremy Domingo as Stanley Gardner, Mara Javier as the Newspaper Reporter

Goldie Soon as Mary Smith, Jamie Wilson as John Smith, Jeremy Domingo as their neighbor Stanley Gardner, and Mara Javier as journalist

The play’s humor relies on the subject and a precise schedule of entrances and exits that made it entertaining. My boyfriend and I enjoyed the punchlines a lot—sometimes he would laugh louder and harder than I would, even. MEN! Finally, a play he enjoyed.

To quote him, “It’s funny and had witty lines and a hilarious concept and script. It’s short enough that it didn’t have dragging points, unlike some plays that get boring.”

Indeed, we both appreciated how fast-paced it is—considering how tired and sleepy we already were at the end of that day—and we never even noticed time passing. We were laughing pretty much the whole time as we were led from one scene to another—one household to another!

Jamie Wilson was impressive as John Smith, as he literally had to run across the stage throughout the entire show. “John Smith is a pretty normal guy,” Wilson was quoted as saying. “He just basically falls in love with two women and sees the possibility of maintaining both of them. He loves both of them for different reasons.”

08 Jamie Wilson as John Smith

Jamie Wilson as John Smith

Even if the subject was rather taboo or heavy or even painful, the play somehow compels one to lighten up, gives one the power to laugh at this situation—to laugh in the face of one’s fear, disgusting and heartbreaking as it is.

It’s precisely because of this reason, this central theme, that got me thinking it would also be nice to watch this with girlfriends, if only to get into a lying-cheating-bastard-bashing over margaritas after, haha! I don’t care if you fell in love again—you already have a wife, REMAIN EFFING FAITHFUL! I wanted to scream.

Anyway, to recover from my fit of vomiting vitriol, Smith’s wives are portrayed by actresses Goldie Soon and Mikkie Bradshaw. Soon plays Mary, the motherly wife, while Bradshaw plays Barbara, the bombshell.

01 Jamie Wilson as John Smith, Goldie Soon as Mary Smith

Jamie Wilson as John and Goldie Soon as Mary

Mary was very prim and proper, almost motherly toward John, and there were a lot of moments in the play when I wanted to shake some sense into her, haha. Meanwhile, Barbara is loud and promiscuous—pretty much the woman you love to hate, especially if you identify with Mary or any other person who’s ever been cheated on, even if she didn’t know about Mary and she is as much a victim as she is. Since both affected me, I guess I can say both Soon and Bradshaw were effective in their respective roles.

14 Jamie Wilson as John Smith, Mikkie Bradshaw as Barbara Smith

Jamie Wilson as John and Mikkie Bradshaw as Barbara

Run For Your Wife hits Philippine theater at a time when mistresses have become a pop culture phenomenon (I mean, really, how many versions and permutations of the title No Other Woman can you really make?). But while the films and teleseryes focusing on mistresses and second wives are dramatic, the play takes on a different approach: comedy.

Besides John and his two wives, what really made the whole situation tummy-aching funny is John’s best friend Stanley Gardner, played by Jeremy Domingo. The way he managed to get himself badly entangled in the mess is just too funny, haha! Watch out for him.

13 James Stacey as Det. Sgt. Troughton, Paul Holme as Det. Sgt. Porterhouse

James Stacy as Detective Sergeant Troughton and Paul Holme as Detective Sergeant Porterhouse

Also in the cast are Steven Conde as the flamboyantly gay neighbor Bobby Franklin, James Stacy as the suspicious Detective Sergeant Troughton, Paul Holme as the easygoing Detective Sergeant Porterhouse (another source of laughter, haha), and Mara Javier as the inquisitive journalist.

Run For Your Wife will be staged at Onstage Theater in Greenbelt 1, Makati City. Remaining show dates are tonight, April 24, 8PM; April 25, Saturday, at 330PM and 8PM; April 26, Sunday, 330PM; May 1, Friday, 8PM; May 2, Saturday, at 330PM and 8PM; and May 3, Sunday, at 330PM. Ticket prices ranges from P400 to P800. For more details regarding Run For Your Wife, call Repertory Philippines at 02-8433570 and book tickets through TicketWorld at 02-8919999 or visit their website at www.ticketworld.com.ph.

Photos courtesy of Repertory Philippines

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