4 - IAGT
The event meant to inspire and unite young women is brought to PH from SG by the group behind YouTube FanFest, with Globe.
Do away with the humbugs and go back to what the Yuletide season is about: spending quality time with loved ones—perhaps by watching a classic even millennials will enjoy.
No time to hit the malls and bazaars for holiday shopping? Get the best of fashion, food, & Christmas bazaars right at your fingertips 24/7 at this online pop-up bazaar.
If you’re a Globe subscriber, you're in for an "Adventure of a Lifetime." ;)
Pokemon 2
We already expected that when they launched Pokemon GO this year. And the game is about to get even better, especially for Pinoy players. Know what’s up.
Cartoon Network Watch and Play Launch-main
Fans of Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, Ben10, and more can expect fun surprises at the launch of Cartoon Network’s Watch & Play App—a partnership between Globe & Turner.
’Tis the month to be extra happy your mobile number begins with 0917—and 0916, 0915, etc.