Santa Clarita Diet Season 2
Whether you’re looking for new shows and movies to watch or thinking of signing up through Globe but don’t know where to start, a guide to making the most of Netflix is always welcome.
central square 2
This popular BGC shopping destination celebrates the traditions of Christmas with workshops, parades, freebies, raffles—and even a chance to get photos taken with Santa!
iPhone 8
Starting November 17, you can now purchase the latest must-have smartphone from Apple. Details here.
4 - IAGT
The event meant to inspire and unite young women is brought to PH from SG by the group behind YouTube FanFest, with Globe.
2 - Roku
Globe Streamwatch will change your streaming experience for the better and let you to take it with you everywhere. Plus, you can use your phone as remote control. Find out how it works.
typing amount on gcash
Thanks to GCash, e-payments are now available at Ayala Malls. I was able to experience the convenience myself at the launch, which was graced by Alibaba Group Founder and Executive Chairman Jack Ma.
Solenn Bolzico
Really, is there anything this talented woman and her husband can’t do? Learn all the details about where you’ll spot them next.