Start the year right by joining the#KeepWalkingPH 21 Day Challenge to achieve your boldest ambition—and toast your success with these party offers.
Fun Stuff | By Trixie Reyna on January 25, 2017

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good drink, and alcohol has been one of the things that has been very hard for me to cut down, even as I persist in my weight-loss goal in time for our wedding. What makes this all the more irresistible are Johnnie Walker’s new #KeepWalkingPH 21 Day Challenge and corresponding inspiring videos, as well as their bottle and cocktail deals in bars and clubs around the metro starting this February.

JW Black Label

Achieve your goals in 21 days

An initiative under the Keep Walking Philippines campaign, #KeepWalkingPH 21 Day Challenge was devised to encourage Filipinos to overcome self-doubt and kickstart their journeys toward fulfilling their ambition. Johnnie Walker asks participants to publicly declare their goals through 21 social media posts.

Through its Keep Walking Philippines campaign, Johnnie Walker has recognized the inspiring stories of those we consider modern-day heroes. As evident in the stories of photographer Xyza Bacani, director Brillante Mendoza, and innovators Aisa and Raphael Mijeno of SALt, every Filipino has the ability to progress toward big, bold, heroic ambitions. Check out their stories and videos below for some inspiration (I really loved all of these short films).

A former domestic helper in Hong Kong and now a sought-after photographer, Xyza is doing further studies in New York to hone her skills at her chosen craft. Despite having been told that becoming a photographer was impractical and costly, Bacani never lost sight of her dreams, even borrowing money from her employer to purchase her first camera. She took time out of her daily schedule to shoot everyday life in Hong Kong, until finally earning a scholarship at one of the top universities in New York to study photography.

Meanwhile, Aisa and Raphael are the brother and sister tandem that made headlines with their salt water lamp that serves as alternative light source for rural communities in the Philippines without access to electricity. Despite some limitations on resources, the Mijenos don’t lose sight of their ambition to mass produce their lamps to help more communities and continue to work tirelessly to develop the perfect SALt lamp.

Then there’s Brillante Mendoza, who became a household name in Philippine cinema with his Best Director win at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. To this day, Mendoza’s various works are received with critical acclaim. Amidst the accolades, critics continue to frown upon the filmmaker’s chosen subject matters. Through it all, Mendoza continues to set his sights on his dream to become the best filmmaker he can be with every new film he releases—never settling for less and always aiming higher each time.

With the #KeepWalkingPH 21 Day Challenge, Johnnie Walker aims to fuel the confidence and self-belief of every Filipino who takes part in the challenge. By sticking with the 21-day program, participants are able to build a habit around overcoming their self-doubt and work their way toward what it is they aspire for the most.

Open to all Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter users, you can join simply by posting a photo with a pledge to commit to your aspirations, followed by posts tracking your progress over three weeks using the hashtag #KeepWalkingPH. By doing so publicly on social media, you are able to spread inspiration and encourage others to do the same—and of course showcase your commitment.

For more information on the Keep Walking Philippines campaign and 21 Day Challenge, visit Johnnie Walker’s official Facebook page.

Drinks and deals

Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky Wednesdays

Johnnie Walker Black Label introduces Johnnie Wednesday and Johnnie Weekend, a toast to the goals we achieve in the middle and at the end of the week. On Wednesdays starting in February in select bars, for every order of a special Johnnie Walker Black Label serve (Johnnie & Ginger, Johnnie Mojito, and Johnnie Soda), your second serve is on Johnnie Walker. And on weekends at select bars, for every purchase of two Johnnie Walker Black Label 1L bottles, two appetizers will be on Johnnie Walker.

Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky Weekends

Johnnie Walker Black Label is the iconic blend recognized as the benchmark for all other deluxe blends. Rich, complex, and incredibly well balanced, it’s made with a blend of 40 whiskies, each aged for at least 12 years. It’s characterized by its bold flavor made of dark fruits and its classic smokiness, best served neat or on the rocks.

Johnnie Walker Red Label Adventure Pack

Meanwhile, Johnnie Walker Red Label introduces its Adventure Pack, which comes with a free party starter pack: a Sprite can for a refreshing mix, complete with party cups and a marker to personalize your party experience. The pack includes tips to unlock your flavor adventure, too! Retailing at P499, it’s available at your favorite supermarkets for a limited time only starting February.

JW Red Label

Johnnie Walker Red Label is the Pioneer Blend that introduced Johnnie Walker to the world. With its bold combination of spices and a distinctly smoky finish, it’s a highly versatile blend whose flavor shines through even when mixed. For a flavorful twist, mix one part Johnnie Walker Red Label with two parts ginger ale.

JWBlue Cities Product Shot on white 3 Bottles

If you’ve tried and continue to love and collect Johnnie Walker Blue Label, you have to have the Philippine Crafts: Our Cities edition. The Rare Blend showcases three distinct bottle designs embossed with golden symbols of the Philippines’ centers of progress: Manila, Cebu, and Davao. It is an exquisite blend made from some of Scotland’s rarest and most exceptional whiskies.


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