Globe's new myBusiness WiFi Hub is a new package that allows businesses to earn more by offering customers access to a WiFi connection. Find out how it works.
Fun Stuff | By Trixie Reyna on June 10, 2015

I’m sure I’m not the only one whose first question upon entering a restaurant or cafe, or at least upon finding a table, is “May WiFi kayo?” Haha. And, I’m also certain that among those who asked this before taking a seat, I’m not the only one who would leave and look for another establishment that offers free WiFi. Business owners, think about all the lost opportunities!

Being able to work anywhere there is internet access has its perks and hassles, with the latter primarily being, well, being dependent on WiFi availability. My choices for where to have lunch, coffee, and cocktails, and even where I do staycations, depend on where there is WiFi so I can update my blog and social media accounts while I drink and dine. I’m glad that more restaurants, cafes, and accommodations are looking into growing their businesses with WiFi availability—but, as with everything, there are loads of room for growth. I wouldn’t even mind paying for WiFi access, if only I can work in all my favorite establishments and little holes in the wall, but alas, not all of them have it.


This particular opportunity led Globe myBusiness, Globe Telecom’s small and medium business arm, to introduce the myBusiness WiFi Hub, a new package that allows businesses to earn more by offering customers access to a WiFi connection. Establishments will be able to offer WiFi for free or for a fee, opening up opportunities to attract more customers and, at the same time, earn from this additional revenue stream.

New customers can opt for Plan 1899 with speeds of up to 5Mbps for a DSL or LTE connection. It comes with the WiFi Hub and a Globe DUO number that allows unlimited calls to landline and Globe/TM numbers and a dedicated after-sales support.

Worried about customers who abuse the WiFi access by ordering one drink and holding the table and using the internet the entire day, or worse, downloading entire seasons of their favorite TV series while in your cafe (ahem, bato-bato sa langit!)? The WiFI Hub has your back. What’s cool is it has a built-in printer to generate and print individual log-ins and passwords for customers for better security and management. It comes with unlimited PINs to service more customers at no extra cost and without the inconvenience of purchasing a new set of pins each time. The WiFi Hub can serve up to 20 simultaneous users, and business owners can modify access to either time- or volume-based internet connectivity (the latter will help you avoid the risk of slow connection from people who download or stream videos). Plus, the WiFi Hub is a secure connection and is not prone to abuse by non-paying customers.

The WiFi Hub is also an affordable add-on to existing Globe myBusiness broadband customers at only P299 per month for 24 months. Other broadband plans are available starting at Plan 1599 for up to 3Mbps to Plan 4299 for up to 15Mbps.

To know more about all available Globe myBusiness products, visit or email You can also call its dedicated hotlines at (02) 730-1010 in Metro Manila and Luzon, (032) 401-1010 in Visayas, and (082) 321-1010 in Mindanao.

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