Check out what happened in the last one, so you know what's in store for two more coming your way this year.
Fun Stuff | By Trixie Reyna on May 4, 2015


My girlfriends and I had a blast at the BDJ Rendezvous: Made to Fly! last April 18, 2015 in Eastwood New Mall Atrium. It’s the second BDJ Rendezvous of the year, and I’m glad we got to experience this one, as it was filled with fun and lessons learned about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel—perfect for summer!


My friend Izzy claiming her raffle prize

Through events like this, BDJ Power Planner proves it’s more than just a planner: It’s now a community of empowered Filipinas. Over 100 girls were treated to exciting raffle prizes, fun games, and eye-opening and inspiring talks about traveling on a budget, makeup for travel, and how to travel light.


Over 100 girls listened to inspiring talks about all things travel.

One of the featured speakers was photographer, author, Pond’s ambassador, and lifestyle blogger Tricia Gosingtian, who talked about how she manages to look pretty and put-together, even when she travels or is in the outdoors.


Watch for two more BDJ Rendezvous events that will happen this year! Visit for updates.

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