No need to bring too many Starbucks Cards around and wonder which one has load—just pool them in one account and use the Starbucks PH mobile app for payment.
Food | By Trixie Reyna on April 6, 2018

I’m so happy that more and more brands are doing cashless transactions—it’s a lot more convenient than bringing around too much cash, change, and even cards.

Starbucks PH App

Starbucks Philippines is the latest in a slew of brands allowing cashless transactions—and the first coffee retailer to offer this innovation in the Philippines—with the launch of the Starbucks PH App, a mobile app providing a fast and convenient payment method for customers at more than 300 stores around the country.

The Starbucks PH App integrates the popular Starbucks Card payment method and My Starbucks Rewards on customers’ mobile devices, allowing My Starbucks Rewards customers like us to earn stars and engage with Starbucks online.

My Starbucks Rewards allows us to collect Stars; redeem rewards; receive the latest updates on new products, limited-edition merchandise, and exclusive events; and experience convenient cashless payment using our Starbucks Cards.

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The Starbucks PH App elevates the amazing experience we get from My Starbucks Rewards. Register to a My Starbucks Rewards account and easily track your Stars and rewards on your phone with the Starbucks PH App. Pool your Starbucks Cards into one account and deactivate a lost Starbucks Card within the app. Once the app is linked to our My Starbucks Rewards account, balances are automatically updated and can be tracked in real time whenever the app is used. You can even view past transactions. I personally love how this solves my problem of never remembering which one of my too many Starbucks Cards have load & redeemable stars, hehe.

A feature called “Shake to Pay” allows us to shake our phones to bring up a barcode within the app that can be scanned to pay and redeem.


As an added bonus, the Starbucks PH App makes sure we are the first to know the newest product offerings and promos. We will receive special offers and event invitations straight into our app inboxes, and we are notified whenever new messages are received on the app. We can even share these offers with friends through email and social media accounts.

The Starbucks PH App also helps us find the closest Starbucks anytime, anywhere we are using the store locator feature. Here, we can be directed to the nearest store along with a list of other recommendations in the vicinity as we search by store name, Starbucks Reserve store, drive-thru store, or which stores are open at the moment.

The app also includes a menu of beverages, food options, packaged whole bean coffee, and even seasonal offers, as well as a newsfeed with the latest merchandise. It’s basically Starbucks at your fingertips.

Download the Starbucks PH App on App Store or Google Play Store for access to a wider range of experiences and connect to an exciting network of rewards and conveniences.

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