The blooming beverages, Starbucks card, and tumblers are available starting today.
Food | By Trixie Reyna on March 12, 2019
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I’ve only been to Japan once, when my husband and I celebrated his birthday in Tokyo last year. It was as beautiful and exciting as I imagined, and it’s definitely one of those destinations I want to keep coming back to. One experience I want to have one day is witnessing the blooming of cherry blossoms to mark the coming of Spring—a time of new beginnings. I’d love to catch sight of those cherry trees tinted with the pale pink haze that symbolizes beauty, life, and renewal. (I’ve only witnessed this once in the US, but in Japan, it’s an event one should experience at least once in her lifetime.)

While we don’t have a Japan trip planned for Sakura season this year, at least I can enjoy the cherry blossom-inspired new Springtime offerings at Starbucks, available starting March 12, 2019.

Starbucks Spring 2019 beverages

First, they have two new Frappuccinos that I can’t wait to try today: The Azuki Blossom Cream Frappuccino, which promises to be as dreamy as a spring day in Japan with its velvety milk blended with ice and sweet red bean base, topped with red beans, fluffy whipped cream, falling white and pink rice blossom petals, and tart dried cranberry bits. Starbucks also offers a green tea variant, the Matcha Azuki Blossom Cream Frappuccino, which blends the bright flavors of Matcha and sweet red bean. This creamy cherry blossom treat is also sprinkled with pink and white rice petals and cranberry bits over whipped cream and red beans. Both Frappuccinos are available for P175 (Tall), P190 (Grande), and P205 (Venti).

Starbucks Spring 2019 tumblers

Aside from delightful cherry blossom beverages, stunning Sakura-themed merchandise is also ripe for the picking in Starbucks stores. With a dainty palette of pink, purple, and gold, the collection depicts two kinds of cherry blossoms, inspired by traditional hand drawings and oil paintings that captures its beauty. I always look forward to Starbucks’ Cherry Blossom collection because the pieces are always done in my favorite colors and in styles that suit my super feminine tastes.

Some items from the collection include double-walled mugs with rubber lids in Blossom Pink and in Blossom Gray with Sakura motifs and tumblers like the clear Cold Cup designed with a sprinkling confetti blossom and complemented with a lid and straw.

Starbucks Spring 2019 card

Complete the collection with the 2019 Sakura Card, designed to show the delicateness of the Cherry Blossom’s pale pink petals. The card is available for an initial activation amount of P300 per card.

Starting March 12, customers who purchase any of the two featured beverages can experience Cherry Blossom at Starbucks without leaving the Philippines. Just scan the QR code that can be found in each cup when you purchase either a Matcha Azuki Blossom Cream Frappuccino or an Azuki Blossom Cream Frappuccino. After scanning the QR code, locate the banner with the Cherry Blossom to trigger the AR (augmented reality) experience. Upon scanning, you can take selfies under Cherry Trees with falling cherry blossoms.

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