They had me at their tagline: Wine without the drama. Then I tried the dishes they pair with their affordable wines, and I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the restaurant.
Featured | Food | By Trixie Reyna on December 28, 2015
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Enomatic machine AKA wine dispenser

I first heard of Planet Grapes from my brother who liked going to their first branch at Tuscany at McKinley Hill in Taguig. Like a lot of others when they mention Planet Grapes, my brother gets a kick out of how the wine bar pairs great wine with street food like squid balls and balut.

The first time I got to try Planet Grapes was when they opened a branch in Ayala Center Cebu last year, their first wine bar + restaurant concept. As per my brother’s recommendation, we paired wine with street food like chicharon and isaw—it was my Fil-Canadian boyfriend’s first time to try it, so that was quite memorable, and of course he enjoyed it.


Wine bottles recycled as lamps on the Planet Grapes Shangri-La ceiling

But, it was only this holiday season that I really got to try Planet Grapes’ full selection of dishes at their second wine bar + restaurant concept in Shangri-La Plaza, and oh my, I don’t know how I could have stayed away from this place for so long—there’s a lot of comfort food you can pair with a wide selection of affordable premium wines, and I even found my new favorite! And contrary to a lot of people’s misled impression, the dishes are reasonably priced!


I got to try five of the featured wines in December.

The wine bar and restaurant offers a no-nonsense approach to wine enjoyment, not just for budding wine drinkers both young and old, but also for people who have yet to appreciate just how wonderful it is to drink wine and of course, people like me who simply love it. They offer different serving sizes of wine, so you can try just a little bit of something and only commit to a full glass of wine you like. If you don’t know what to try, you can just read the descriptions of and recommended pairings for each of their featured wines on the wine dispensing machine or enomatic machine. (For an amazing wine tasting promo this holiday season, click here.)


Enomatic machine for reds

It might surprise you that Healthy Options is the mother brand of Planet Grapes, and yes, the latter uses the former’s products in their dishes. That way, you don’t feel too guilty about indulging, hehe. And indulge, you will! View the gallery for the dishes I tried along with the wines I paired them with. Click the first thumbnail to enlarge the image and read my mini review of each item, and to launch the rest of the slideshow. Then read on for some of my wine tips.

You can sample all five wines by getting a Wine Flight. For P425, you get sips of your choice of five wines from their featured bottles in the enomatic machine. They change their featured wines every month, but you can still order the ones I tried if available.


Your wine flight will be served on this sheet, from lightest to boldest, so it’s easy for you to know which wine you are trying, for when you are ready to order a full glass of your favorite.

Wine appreciation tips:

1. Hold wine glass at the stem, so you don’t warm the wine with your hands.


When you avail of their wine tasting card now until Jan. 15, 2016, part of the experience is getting your own sip of five wines, or as many as the P1,000 card can allow, from the enomatic machines. Click here for details.

2. How to best appreciate wine: see (the color), smell (get a whiff of the aroma), swirl (to release the aroma and flavors), then sip.

3. Pair white wine with light-flavored food, usually appetizers, vegetables, and seafood. Meat and other bold-flavored food, meanwhile, go well with red wine.

4. Don’t pair sour dips, condiments, and food with wine.


Wine selection at the mezzanine of Planet Grapes Shangri-La Plaza

Planet Grapes is a bar and restaurant that offers wine without the drama. For more information, please email or visit Planet Grapes is located at Tuscany at McKinley Hill (551-3713), the New Wing of Ayala Center Cebu (032-266-0526 or 032-262-0515), Shangri-La Mall (531-8207 or 532-2950) and River Park, Alabang (831-9438 or 831-9439).

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