champagne room
The Manila Hotel’s posh fine dining restaurant serves French & Italian cuisine that’s perfect for the most romantic night this season.
A special treat awaits customers who reload their Starbucks Cards on May 25-27.
Billy Crawford Burger King
The international burger chain reintroduced the 4 Cheese Whopper, along with its new endorser: Billy Crawford.
I’ve subjected myself to a strict diet in an effort to regain a slim figure in time for our wedding. Thankfully, I learned I don’t have to give up my favorite carbs.
ILOILO CITY - The third part of my series of Iloilo restaurant lists focuses on restaurants that offer various Western cuisine, from Spanish & Mexican to German, Italian, & American. I include links to my Asian lists, to round it all up!
Summerhouse Pork Asado
ILOILO CITY - In Part 2 of my series of Iloilo restaurant lists, I include some of our favorite spots that offer Chinese, Vietnamese, and Singapore cuisine—and even mention some of our Filipino faves!
Arirang Samgyupsal
ILOILO CITY - Curiously, you can find some of the best—not to mention more affordable—Korean restaurants here. Here's Part 1 of a series of Iloilo restaurant lists.