Poutine made of frozen US potatoes
If you’ve never tried putting together frozen US potatoes, gravy, and cheese, boy, have you been missing out! Here’s my shortcut to making this popular food.
Tumbler in bag
Zojirushi has cutting-edge and cute products that make cooking and homemaking more convenient for us.
SR_Philippines_Manila_Asc Makati_Restaurant2-LR
...along with other food & beverage offerings from the luxurious property, which you'll learn more about here.
LES-Bagels 2
It’s one of the few places in Manila, if there’s even any other, where you can really enjoy a New York-style bagel.
We sampled the concoctions of the Manila finalists of Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2017.
Cold Soba with Chicken
But wait, there’s more! Here are the dishes you can pair with the new drinks, also released today, February 21.
I can’t wait to try the new espresso handcrafted drinks available starting February 21!