Caramel Mango Mousse
And they happen to be the featured cakes at the Mother’s Day cake buffet at Megamall today! Details here.
Rum Butter Cake by Rhea  Castro-Sycip of Flour Pot
Flour Pot’s delicious specialty not only is good for sharing, it also comes in a convenient wooden box that’s easy and pretty to bring to all your family and BFF gatherings.
pamana crispy pata
I listed down my recommended items as well as its other branches around the country, if you’re looking for a restaurant to take your balikbayan relatives & friends this holiday season.
Snowman and Holiday Tree Card
You know it’s Christmas when Starbucks brings out its red cups and planner promo. Read all about them here—and its biggest gift yet!
Poutine made of frozen US potatoes
If you’ve never tried putting together frozen US potatoes, gravy, and cheese, boy, have you been missing out! Here’s my shortcut to making this popular food.
Not only are US potatoes actually good for our health, they’re NECESSARY to those of us who work out regularly, live an active lifestyle, or are into sports. Here’s why.
Choose from Extra Cheese, Extra Jalapeño, and Extra Bacon to add to your favorite Jollibee comfort food.