Tablea Champorado
If you’re in the City of Pines anytime this summer, treat yourself to unique chocolate-infused meals and one of the richest local hot chocolate you’ll ever try.
Hawaiian BBQ Platter
If you’re in the City of Pines this summer, dine at this branch of the popular barbecue joint.
Starbucks Layered Cold Brew
Starting today we can avail of Starbucks Philippines’ goodies in my two favorite colors: purple & pink! View them here.
Pili Group Shot main
V-Day is in a few days; if you still don’t have something for your special someone, check out this list.
Baby Back Ribs (2)
I’m glad I got to try this cozy restaurant serving delicious and reasonably priced comfort food so close to my home before I moved out of Manila.
Salmon Confit
As I slowly but surely embrace life as a newlywed homemaker, I’m stocking up on recipes I can easily follow at home through my blog. Here’s another one from Chef Kalel Chan.