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Food | By Trixie Reyna on March 9, 2017

SR_Philippines_Manila_Asc Makati_Facade-LR

Ascott Makati facade

If you’ve read my recent review of our stay at Ascott Makati (you can read it here), you’ll remember that my family and I loved it for its cozy, spacious, and homey suites and proximity to the best shopping areas as it’s right smack in Ayala Center, connected to Glorietta in fact.

As if I needed more reasons to love staying at Ascott Makati, it turns out I have several new ones, and they all revolve around food—from intimate dining to feasts, including a new restaurant that has a loyal following.

SR_Philippines_Manila_Asc Makati_Lobby2-LR

Lobby (the entrance to Myron’s is on the right)

Just a few months after my stay in 2016, I came back a few weeks ago to find an even better Ascott Makati after it underwent an extensive renovation, which you will first notice the moment you step into their now even more sophisticated lobby, located at the 6th floor. Besides the suites, another main aspect of the hotel that really benefited from the overall uplift is their F&B (food & beverage).

SR_Philippines_Manila_Asc Makati_Restaurant2-LR


Ascott Makati now boasts of its new in-house restaurant, Myron’s, the same one that was in Greenbelt. Here you can enjoy luxurious lunches, fine dinners, and even an expansive breakfast buffet, which guests of the property can enjoy from 6-10AM. My fiancé and I celebrated our 29th monthsary here, and we ordered some of their bestsellers for lunch. What a feast it was! We got a table facing the newly renovated swimming pool, which looked even more inviting than ever.

Myrons Soup

We started with their Cappuccino of Mushroom (P250++), so named not because it has coffee, but because it’s served in a cappuccino cup, complete with bread stick as thin as a coffee stirrer. The soup is so rich and creamy, I rolled my eyes in delight at first slurp! There’s a slight sweetness to it that makes it just perfect. We enjoyed it with their complimentary bread and butter, too.

Myrons Rolls

Complimentary bread and butter

We ordered a Caesar Salad for One (P325++) because we wanted to leave enough room for the rest of the dishes we ordered. You have to try their Caesar because they make the dressing fresh and toss the salad right in front of you, even if it’s just an order for one. And so I filmed the whole process on Facebook Live, which now serves as my personal guide to making Caesar Salad from scratch (I wasn’t able to capture the first ingredient tossed in: anchovies). You can watch it below:

What’s nice about having them make it by your table is how you can customize your salad according to your liking—more lemon, no anchovies (if you have allergies), more cheese and bacon (I totally asked for lots of the latter), etc. Even just one order yields a generous portion of salad. In fact, my fiancé and I shared this order and we were satisfied. I like how you can really taste the fresh eggs in the dressing.

Myrons Salad

Caesar Salad for one

Myrons Prawn Garlic Pasta 2

You get three huge prawns!

I love tiger prawns and garlic noodles, so when I saw Tiger Prawns with San Francisco Garlic Noodles (P800++) on the menu, I knew I had to try it. The order came with three GIANT prawns roasted perfectly with a light, tasty char to it. Its savory flavor is complemented well by the slightly sweet garlic noodles with a bit of texture from sesame seeds sprinkled onto it. It’s not as salty or al dente as the garlic noodles I like, but I enjoyed the bold garlic flavor in this one.

Myrons Prawn Garlic Pasta

The giant prawns lean on a bed of garlic noodles

Myron’s is known for its steaks, so of course we had to try one, and The President (P3,100++) came highly recommended. Served with steak rice, it’s a huge slab of steak that’s been cut into thinner slices. We wanted it served medium rare, and the chef painstakingly cooked each strip perfectly, then included some crispy well done bits/tips (that we liked eating with the steak rice), which is why you must expect the serving time to take longer. The wait is definitely worth it, as the meat is super tender and juicy, and perfectly flavored with a little sprinkling of Himalayan pink salt, pepper, and a nice char to it. It’s served with steak rice, cooked with flavorful bits of meat and veggies, and a set of three sauces: mushroom, peppercorn, and red wine sauce.

Myrons Steak

The President

The mushroom sauce is light and creamy, and my favorite of the three sauces. The peppercorn is very light, not thick, with just a slight hint of spice and I may have picked up the taste of butter. It complemented the steak without drowning out the meat’s taste. The red wine sauce has a rich, bold flavor with the right acidity from the pronounced taste of red wine. All the sauces are light and do not mask or interfere with your enjoyment of the steak’s flavor.

We washed our feast down with a glass of Tall Horse Cabernet Sauvignon from South Africa (P225++).

Myrons Cake

Guilty Chocolate Cake

Because they knew it was our monthsary, they treated us to a Guilty Chocolate Cake—I had to laugh when they told me its name. Indeed, it’s NOT guilt-free: It’s very rich, dark, and moist. It’s not too sweet, but definitely decadent, and so we indulged.

Myron’s is great for dinner dates, corporate lunches, or even to celebrate special occasions with the whole family or your friends. It’s definitely worth coming back to, especially because they have such great, attentive service. I also like their more private location now, not in a mall.

If you wish to host a bigger function at Ascott Makati, like weddings and debuts, you’d be happy to know they recently opened their Ballroom, too.

SR_Philippines_Manila_Asc Makati_1BR Pre Suite_Living Dining Room2-LR

Living and dining areas of the corner Executive One-Bedroom Suite

Now, for more intimate dining, you have two choices: in-suite dining at one of Ascott Makati’s new Executive Suites, which are even grander and more luxurious. Each residence has its own spacious living and dining areas, designer interiors, fully-equipped modern kitchens, home entertainment systems, and wireless (WiFi) internet connection, so you can really feel like you’re dining right at home on delicious room service food. (Tip: Try to get a corner one-bedroom suite, which is more spacious and bright, as you can see in the photo above.)

SR_Philippines_Manila_Asc Makati_Elite Lounge-LR

Or, you can also go down to the new Executive Elite Lounge at the 6th floor, where you can enjoy meals, snacks, and beverages, even happy hour!

For more information, contact (63-2) 550-3200 or send an email to enquiry.manila@the-ascott.com. To book your stay via Agoda, click here.

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