…as the Eraserheads song goes, and Ju.D’s makes this ring true in her line of delicious treats that even those not fond of the holiday confection should try.
Featured | Food | By Trixie Reyna on December 24, 2015


I’ve loved fruitcake since I was a kid, so I was appalled when I found out it’s not something everybody enjoys. You’ve heard all the fruitcake gift jokes. I really don’t understand why people wouldn’t love a rich, melt-in-your-mouth moist cake packed with bits of glazed and candied fruits (wine-cured slices of orange, cherries, and raisins), walnuts, and flavored with brandy (obviously, bata pa lang ako, I had a fondness for things with alcohol, hahaha), that come in pretty boxes which make great holiday presents.

Ju.D's Original Fruitcake

But, before you write off fruitcakes for the rest of your life, I’d like you to give it one more chance. Try the classic recipe of Ju.D Lao, who started selling fruitcakes in 1975, inspired by a trip to Switzerland. It’s smooth, rich, and moist, with a sweet liquor taste. There’s a generous helping of glazed fruits (cherries, my favorite) and nuts, making it chunky and filling. It’s really festive!


She offers other variants of her fruitcakes: Ju.D Gold, a honey-based fruitcake with a lighter taste and not as much nuts; and Ju.D Blue, Blue Mountain Coffee fruitcakes. Try them all in her box of mini fruitcakes, which offers a sampling of the different flavors. I find the small bars of fruitcake really practical, and they give a fresh take on a fruitcake that everyone has yet to fully appreciate.


I like how this also allows me to portion my fruitcake—otherwise, I can end up eating half a regular-sized fruitcake or the whole thing in one sitting, especially when paired with my other favorite that apparently not everyone likes either: queso de bola (see photo above). Guys, you seriously have to try that pairing, it’s perfect!

Ju.D's Chewy Chewkies

Ju.D also offers fruitcake cookies, which she calls Chewy Chewkies, developed in the 1980s pa! The kids of her customers loved them because they tasted like fruitcakes but without the brandy. I like it because it’s like my fruitcake fix on-the-go—I put a few packets of cookies in my bag as my convenient office snack.


In the ‘90s, Ju.D also started offering Ginger Cranberries and Ginger Apricot Fruitcakes, and even a coffee-flavored Prune Fruitcake. In 2009, she came out with assorted premium nougat in cookies and cream, espresso, cranberry-almond, and cheese.

JuD's Chewkies and Cookies

Still looking for last-minute gift ideas or something to bring to your Noche Buena feast tonight or Christmas Day gathering tomorrow? Order Ju.D’s Fruitcakes. You may call (02) 633-1188 or (02) 633-0260.

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