The Big Guys Pizza Invasion promises an all-new pizza experience, including a new crust and sauce—on the same gigantic 36-inch pizza.
Food | By Trixie Reyna on June 11, 2018

I won’t be with my family on Father’s Day, so when Big Guys Pizza offered to let me sample their all-new pizza experience, I decided to have the 36-inch pizza delivered straight to my parents’ doorstep as an advance Father’s Day treat that my whole family was able to enjoy yesterday.

All new Pizza Experience (1)

My dad got the biggest surprise when he went to pick up the pizza delivery and realized he couldn’t bring it to our home without help! Everyone took out their phones and took photos of the pizza when it arrived, and even showed me how they stored the leftover slices in SEVERAL tupperware cases in our refrigerator—and this is after giving away slices to the guards in our building and packing a to-go bag for my brother. They were definitely overwhelmed, haha!

Big Guys Pizza

This 36-inch Super Supreme Pizza (P1,498) almost covered the dining table!

There’s no other place in Metro Manila where you can get pizza THIS BIG: a 36-inch pizza that you can get in one or all their five flavors in one pan! I envied my family and wished Big Guys also has a branch here in Iloilo—this would be perfect for every gathering here, especially fiestas where my husband’s relatives, business partners, employees, and neighbors all come to the farm to eat.

It’s the perfect treat for any special occasion—or even if there’s nothing special going on but a huge group of people craving lots of pizza—especially now that Big Guys Pizza reportedly improved the flavor, taste, crust, and overall look of their pizzas.

All new Pizza Experience_Cheese_with label

Having been in the pizza business for almost a decade, Big Guys Pizza has always been the party staple for oversized and affordable pizzas. They listened to comments from the customers over the years, and the result is the reinvented Big Guys Pizza you can now experience. They focused on four key elements: the dough, the sauce, the toppings, and the service.

All new Pizza Experience_Hawaiian_with label

The new dough is now delivered fresh to their branches everyday, and their recipe features seven quality ingredients that make their pan-crust pizzas better than ever.

The Big Guys new signature tomato sauce is also freshly produced and packed daily. It contains different herbs and spices that make it perfect for the Filipino taste.

All new Pizza Experience_Pepperoni_with label

They even scrapped their previous toppings and changed them to more authentic, better-quality meats. They are now supposedly made from real beef or pork with no fillers and blended with premium spices. This hopefully ensures it’s more than just a novelty now.


As for customer service, they now have a one number system for all our orders, complaints, and suggestions. Their new hotline is 231-1212. They also decided to retain their pricing to remain affordable for parties. A 36-inch single-flavor pizza ranges from P1,448 to P1,498 while their more sulit The Big 5 has all their five flavors in one 36-inch pan—Cheese, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, All Meat, and Super Supreme—for P1,548.

And here’s a promo alert: From now until July 4, 2018, you get a 10% discount when you call their new hotline!

To know more about Big Guys Pizza, visit their Facebook page or their website.

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