If only pregnant women like myself are allowed to drink coffee, I’d definitely be sipping these delicious-sounding drinks everyday.
Food | By Trixie Reyna on September 11, 2019

The first thing my OB told me to remove from my diet while pregnant is caffeine. I literally cried “NOOOOO!” and my heart broke. (A little. I was very happy to be pregnant, of course.) I’ve been a coffee drinker all my life, and I just couldn’t imagine a day without coffee. (Now I don’t have to imagine: Everyday, I feel like a zombie, LOL.)

It hurts a little more because Starbucks Philippines released a series of really delicious sounding coffee drinks this year, and their smooth and creamy flavors for fall are way up there in coffee beverages I really wish I can drink right now. But if you’re a coffee lover who’s not pregnant, the coziest time of the year comes with perfectly crafted drinks for you. With the weather slowly getting chilly, I’m sure a lot of you are seeking the comfort of a good cup of joe even more.

Starbucks Asian Dolce Latte

Hot Asian Dolce Latte

Yes, we don’t really experience crisp autumns here in the Philippines, but Starbucks is attempting to bring that feeling to anyone who tries their brand new handcrafted beverages, now available for a limited time only.

Starbucks Iced Asian Dolce Latte and Frappuccino

Iced Asian Dolce Latte (L) and Frappuccino (R)

One of them is the returning favorite Asian Dolce Latte, a bold and creamy drink that celebrates the classic Starbucks latte with a twist from the east. The Asian Dolce is made with rich shots of premium espresso. However, the added kick to the beverage is the especially-developed sweet dolce sauce, which blends well with creamy freshly steamed milk, giving it a rich, velvety texture. For the final touch, the beverage is topped with espresso whipped cream and Turkish coffee grounds. It’s available in Hot, Iced, and Frappuccino formats for P165 (Tall), P180 (Grande), and P195 (Venti).

Starbucks is also taking inspiration from the iconic Irish Cream Coffee by incorporating delicious Irish Cream into two of their indulgent new beverages.

Starbucks Irish Cream Coffee Jelly Frappuccino and Cold Brew

Irish Cream Coffee Jelly Frappuccino (L) and Cold Brew (R)

The Irish Cream Coffee Jelly Frappuccino (P175 for Tall, P190 for Grande, and P205 for Venti) is an instant pick-me-up, crafted with signature Coffee Jelly Frappuccino infused with Irish Cream, topped with a smooth and rich espresso whipped cream, and dusted with finely ground espresso powder.

Or you may want to try the new take on their signature, the Irish Cream Cold Brew (P170 for Tall, P185 for Grande, and P200 for Venti), made with a custom blend of super smooth Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee, slow-steeped, then topped with a float of Irish Cream just before serving, creating a silky-smooth coffee experience with bold cocoa notes.

Just writing about these, I could already imagine how smooth and rich each sip would be. I’ll live vicariously through you guys, so visit your favorite Starbucks to get those cozy autumn feels now!

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