These made getting a McDo fix even more uplifting for this preggo.
Food | By Trixie Reyna on October 21, 2019

My OB may not approve, but I’m a regular at McDonald’s even now that I’m pregnant because they’re currently offering my all-time favorite Twister Fries, which I now pair with the Crispy Chicken Sandwich—my standard McDo order these days. Imagine my delight when I found out they recently released the 2019 edition of the McDonald’s Coke Glasses and at such amazing colors at that.

Coke Glass KV

The limited edition glasses have a sleek design that comes in six colors: Gray, Green, Blue, Peach, Pink, and Purple—the last three being my favorites, of course. Just add P45 per glass for any meal with a Coca-Cola product.

I’m so happy to complete the set of McDonald’s Coke Glasses because this is the closest I can get to getting a Coke fix while pregnant. At least I can just fill it with either Sprite, Royal, Minute Maid, or even Wilkins, haha. It’s fun having all colors because I can pick the glass shade that reflects my mood, vibe, and whatever I’m feeling for the day—something that helps my husband keep up with my roller-coaster of pregnancy hormone-induced emotions.

Grab them while they’re still available, which is only until supplies last. You can purchase the Coke Glasses via dine-in, take-out, or Drive-Thru at any McDonald’s store nationwide. Which color are you eyeing? Let me know when you comment!

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