See what beauty products and other daily essentials I carried around and used last week.
Beauty | Fashion | Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on July 27, 2015

When I feel I’ve gained weight, or on days when I feel bloated or expect to be bloated (i.e. when I’m PMS-ing or have two or more food reviews scheduled in one day), my go-to outfits are always black. But since I need to add a pop of color to my outfits every time, I usually wear colorful shoes, bold makeup, and/or carry a flashy bag when I choose an all-black ensemble.


Last week was one of those weeks, so I decided to bring out one of my flashiest handbags: a Betsey Johnson leather satchel (I just took out the shoulder strap because I’m more comfortable carrying it with the short side handles on my arm or in my hand). My best friend Tina bought it in New York for my birthday last year, and the funny thing is, we both thought I lost it during my birthday party when I got drunk! Haha! Good thing friends who brought me home thought to secure all my gifts and belongings, so I have this super girly bag to use on my ‘black days.’

Yes, I know it’s over the top, with its red orange body, gold chain trim, and hot pink bow accent, sides, and handles, but that’s why I love it—and my best friend knows just what to get me as pasalubong from NYC. It’s statement-making and attention-grabbing, that’s for sure!


The bag itself is already quite heavy, so I don’t like to pack as many things in it as I usually would other bags (although when my mom tried to lift my bag, she was still alarmed by its weight). So, again, I had to do major editing of my bag contents and makeup essentials.

View the gallery below for the contents of my Betsey Johnson handbag last week. Click on each thumbnail to see the brand and details of each product (including notes on some) and to enlarge the image. Watch for my feature on this week’s bag soon!

I took the photos using my iPhone 6 from Globe (why it’s not in any of the photos)

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