The dedicated new store section will showcase the brand’s latest collections of T-shirts—which includes Star Wars, KAWS x Peanuts, and more.
Fashion | By Trixie Reyna on May 10, 2017

Is it just me, or is everyone dressing more casually these days? I’m totally not complaining because as I grow older, I’m becoming more a comfort over style kind of girl. So it’s amazing that being comfortable and relaxed is totally on trend—and that we can now get away with wearing T-shirts more often than the past few years, even to events around the metro (as long as the dress code doesn’t specify formal, k?).

UNIQLO UT at SM Megamall_Store Photo 2

The shirts must still complement our personal styles. Good thing we now have more T-shirt designs to chose from at the newly opened UT section at Uniqlo SM Megamall. The brand new section of the store will highlight the brand’s latest UT collections.

UT, the Uniqlo T-shirt brand, has been showcasing a wide range of prints from current pop culture since it launched in 2003—from art and music to movies, comics, and cartoons. Girly and dainty? You’ll find floral options in feminine silhouettes. Star Wars fan? Knock yourself out with the wide variety of Star Wars-themed shirts. Want to make a statement? UT’s collaborations with artists would likely appeal to you.

UNIQLO UT at SM Megamall_Store Photo 1

Uniqlo picked SM Megamall, its biggest store in the Philippines, to showcase the new collection’s wide range of content. The new dedicated UT space will feature the entire Spring/Summer 2017 UT Collection, with 16 new graphic themes, and an array of authentic pop culture and art graphics from around the world. With the addition of the 16 new graphic themes, UT offers a total of 40 this season in more than 1,200 pattern and color variations for men, women, kids, and babies. All of them are under P1,000.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find:

UT Futura (02)

Futura. Abstract Expressionist Futura, the art legend from New York, has created a collection for men and boys that presents a perspective of the New York art scene and which incorporates a logo and tag designed exclusively for UT by the veteran artist.

Épice Design. A collection for women, girls, and babies features content from Épice Design, famed worldwide for its delightful floral print scarves. The new line also highlights more playful items for family coordination fun.

UT KAWS x Peanuts (02)

KAWS x Peanuts. KAWS is loved around the world for his whimsical artistic aesthetic. His latest collection for UT pays homage to Peanuts, with a focus on Snoopy—one of the artist’s earliest subjects. The KAWS x Peanuts UT Collection celebrates this heritage through a reinterpretation of the beloved Snoopy character as “Joe KAWS,” who appears throughout the new UT range.

UT KAWS x Peanuts (01)

Star Wars Artist Collection. 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of Star Wars’ initial release. More than being just popular, the movies have become part of contemporary culture around the world. In line with the release of the long-awaited Star Wars: The Last Jedi film, UT has collaborated with three artists—James Jarvis, Kevin Lyons, and Geoff McFetridge—to create designs in their own style for this special collection.

UT Mickey Blue (01)

Mickey Blue. This UT collection features refreshing designs with Mickey Mouse art in an indigo blue-dyed look inspired by West Coast beach. The collection comes in sizes for the whole family.

UT Mickey Blue (02)

Other UT collections that will be available in store include: The Brands, Marvel Collection, Andre Saraiva (below), Lego Collection, Capitol 75th, Rock Squad, “Disney Minnie Mouse Loves” Dots Collection, and Peanuts!

UT Mr. A (01)

UT Mr. A (02)

For more information, visit UNIQLO Philippines’ website.

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