On its third year, Tresemme Runway Ready returns with an epic collaboration among Mark Bumgarner, Ivarluski Aseron, Jerome Lorico, Lourd Ramos, Victor Ortega, and Henri Calayag.
Fashion | By Trixie Reyna on May 22, 2017

Tresemme Runway Ready 2017

(L-R) Hair professionals Henri Calayag, Lourd Ramos, and Victor Ortega; TRESetters Joey Mead-King, Raymond Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati, and Martine Cajucom; designers Jerome Lorico, Mark Bumgarner, and Ivarluski Aseron

Are you looking for a new look, coupled with to-die-for outfits to wow at your next affair? Then you have to see the runway photos from TRESemmé Runway Ready 2017—which showcased the season’s hottest hair trends and glamorous pieces in an exciting collaboration between the most sought after hair stylists and designers.

Tresemme Runway Ready 2017 stylists

Hair professionals Lourd Ramos, Victor Ortega, and Henri Calayag opened each segment of the fashion show with a showcase of the latest hair trends 

The salon-grade and stylist-approved hair care brand recently showcased the creations of celebrated fashion designers Mark Bumgarner, Ivarluski Aseron, and Jerome Lorico in a fashion show inspired by TRESemmé’s coveted Keratin Smooth range. It was made even more memorable and entertaining as the featured designers collaborated with the country’s leading hair professionals Lourd Ramos, Victor Ortega, and Henri Calayag, who also interpreted the latest hair trends and opened each segment of the show.

tresemme keratin smooth

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Range

Looking for statement-making office pieces or formal wear for that next wedding you’re attending—complete with the hairstyle to match? Make sure to click through each of the runway photo galleries below.

Bold Twist

Mark Bumgarner took modern elegance to a whole new level with softly structured ensembles in red and nudes with his signature feminine touch, with actress Sarah Lahbati as his muse.


Mark Bumgarner with TRESetter Sarah Lahbati and TRESemmé Hair Professional Lourd Ramos

Top hair professional Lourd Ramos complemented Bumgarner’s creations with various renditions of the wearable and incredibly chic hair trend of the season: the bold twist. “Soft, smooth, feminine, long…my pieces take inspiration and are made to match the season’s bold twists,” says Mark.

Sarah Lahbati

Sarah Lahbati sporting the Bold Twists hair trend

To do this style, just gather and twist gorgeously smooth, straight hair low on the nape or on the side to frame the face to create a romantic yet modern look—made possible by the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner (each 600ml bottle at P399, 340ml at P230, and 170ml at P120), which are formulated to leave hair salon-smooth for up to 48 hours.

View the slideshow below for Bumgarner’s designs; click the first thumbnail to launch the gallery.

Modern Edge


TRESetters Raymond Gutierrez & Joey Mead-King flanked by Jerome Lorico and TRESemmé Hair Professional Henri Calayag

Inspired by the modern and sleek pompadour that ruled the runways of many fashion labels, designer Jerome Lorico created stunning textured metallic ensembles in a futuristic palette of silver, platinum, and black. “There is a sense of confidence in having your hair swept up from the forehead… For me, it conveys a certain energy that makes the person not just sleek, but daring and more modern,” says Jerome. As fierce as his muse Joey Mead-King, his pieces clearly reflect the edgy feel of the modern edge trend that’s tempered with a polished finish. Super svelte Raymond Gutierrez joined Joey on the runway.

Joey Mead King

Joey Mead-King sporting the Modern Edge hair trend

Top hairstylist Henri Calayag worked the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Treatment Mask (P135 for 230ml) on each model’s hair before creating a bit of volume on top of the head. The he used TRESemmé Flatiron Smoothing Spray (P495 for 236ml) to keep the rest of the model’s tresses smooth.

View the slideshow below for runway photos; click the first thumbnail to launch the gallery.

City Sleek


Ivarluski Aseron with TRESetter Martine Cajucom and TRESemmé Hair Professional Victor Ortega

Known for his geometric and architectural designs, Ivarluski Aseron brought his City Sleek vision to life with striking black pieces. Style star Martine Cajucom donned his perfectly structured designs, which complemented the simple yet stunning straight, long, and sleek hairstyles of the season. “Black, structured, and designed with mesh…my pieces are inspired by the clean lines and sleek look of the gorgeously long and straight hair trend,” says Ivar.

Martine Cajucom

Martine Cajucom sporting the City Sleek hair trend

Top hair expert Victor Ortega busted out the flat iron to achieve this look, which entails healthy and protected hair to look great. He protected hair by using a dollop of the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment (P450 for 120ml), which has thermal technology and Keratin to protect hair before styling into the straight and shiny City Sleek look. The product is made to protect hair against heat and work with the heat of the flat iron in transforming unruly hair into smooth strands.

View the slideshow below for runway photos; click the first thumbnail to launch the gallery.

Photos courtesy of Tresemme

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