Plus, take a peek at the first diamond investment bar in the world from Belgium that’s now in Manila.
Fashion | By Trixie Reyna on January 15, 2018
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polaris 6

I remember my husband, my matron-of-honor, and my bridesmaid telling me around the time we got engaged back in 2016 that I should switch from my statement accessories to more classic, understated pieces of jewelry to complement my engagement ring and allow it to stand out. Well, it’s 2018 and I’m a married woman now, and I’m itching to start wearing big and bold earrings and necklaces again. That’s who I’ve always been, and now that I’m married, I want to assert my own identity even more consciously so as not to lose it as I take on a new last name, move to the province, and live in a farm.

polaris jewelry 3

Polaris Treasure Trove offers statement jewelry—imported from India, Indonesia, Nepal, and Cambodia—that can liven up any outfit.

polaris jewelry 9

Now that I live in Iloilo, there are no appropriate occasions or places to wear the outfits I’m used to wearing in Manila, so I’ve downplayed my style a bit. But, I want to make up for this with statement accessories. SO, for 2018, I’m on the look out for exquisite pieces that can make my ordinary ensembles outstanding and liven up my otherwise plain looks. I’m loving the stunning new collections of Polaris Treasure Trove, a locally owned brand.

polaris pearls 4

Polaris Treasure Trove’s South Sea Pearls come from Palawan

polaris pearls 5

One of these collections showcases the beauty of the South Sea Pearls from Palawan and the craftsmanship of Filipino plateros who place them on gold. (Now that the wedding’s over, I can go back to wearing pearls!) This is owner Isha Ivonne Ricaña’s way of supporting the Philippine pearl industry.

polaris jewelry 10

Polaris Treasure Trove’s gold-plated gems and diamonds come from Hong Kong.

The brand also offers diamond jewelry, antique jewelry, and gemstones and crystals from India, Indonesia, Nepal, and Cambodia. Clients can even have designs of raw crystal jewelry customized here according to their liking.

polaris 14

Polaris Treasure Trove also offers raw crystals for collectors and those who believe in their healing energy and power. Designs can be customized according to the client’s requirements.

And in case this interests you, Polaris Treasure Trove also brought to the country ID Diamonds, the first diamond investment bar in the world. Founded in Belgium with headquarters in London, ID Diamonds offers a way for collectors and investors to preserve certified natural polished diamonds in a supposedly ultra-secure, safe, and transparent manner using its multi-patented ID-Knox technology.

ID Diamonds

Polaris Treasure Trove’s first and only physical store is located inside Styled Pop-Up, a pop-up store housing different fashion brands founded by Christine Bersola-Babao. The brand aims to expand and open more stores in the country this year.

Polaris Treasure Trove at Styled Pop-up is on the second floor of Shangri-La Plaza Mall’s East Wing. For more information on Polaris Treasure Trove and ID Diamonds, visit their Facebook page.

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