Bayo’s renowned designer-in-residence created a special collection to mark the brand’s 25th anniversary.
Fashion | By Trixie Reyna on October 5, 2017

I still remember my Bayo dresses from way back in high school. I really liked shopping there, especially for my outfits for the high school dance, parties, or a soiree with a class from an exclusive boys’ school. Their dresses always made me feel confident, pretty, and sexy, even with my teenage body. Those dresses lasted me years! I remember I could still wear a lot of them to events by the time I landed my first job as a member of a giant network’s PR team. The fabrics were still in good condition (and thankfully, I may have lost more weight when I entered adulthood).


Kylie Verzosa topbills the FL x Bayo anniversary fashion show

So I was a bit nostalgic when I attended the celebration of Bayo’s 25th year. “Bayo” is an Ilonggo term that means “dress” in English, which endeared me to the all-Filipino fashion label even more, since I’m marrying into an Ilonggo family in a couple of months. And as a 30-something woman who’s about to get married, I have even more reason to adore and support this proudly Pinoy brand: almost every bride’s dream wedding gown designer, Francis Libiran, is now Bayo’s designer-in-residence and he has created a beautiful special collection, just for the brand’s 25th anniversary. View the slideshow below to see some of the pieces, and read on to know more about the collection and check out fashion show photos. (Click the first thumbnail to enlarge the image and launch the rest of the gallery.)

Bayo’s anniversary campaign “Made in the Philippines” is all about Pinoy pride, showcasing brilliant Filipino talent, promoting the exceptional workmanship of local artisans, and turning the spotlight on some of the most remarkable names that make us proud to be Pinoy—like world-class fashion designer Francis Libiran. His designs have been featured twice in America’s Next Top Model and have adorned the bodies of Hollywood celebrities including Tyra Banks. He continues to impress both the local and international fashion industry with his exceptional works that echo the beauty of our history, culture, and traditions. He’s true-blue Pinoy, and that’s what makes me love his creations more. (I really wish I just opted for a Francis Libiran bridal gown instead!)


One of the dresses from the FL x Bayo anniversary collection

The special anniversary collection is inspired by the beauty of Filipinas across the globe. “I had every Filipina in mind while I was designing the collection,” says Libiran. He combined his signature art deco aesthetics with different silhouettes to embody the diversity of Pinay beauty. The FL x Bayo Anniversary Collection was inspired by Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, strengthening further the line’s Pinoy pride theme.

Kylie x Francis Libiran x Bayo

Francis Libiran & Kylie Verzosa

At the anniversary event, a 45-look fashion show featured the FL x Bayo Anniversary Collection pieces. Kylie Verzosa, the face of Bayo for 2017, walked the runway. View the slideshow below to see the clothes in action at the show (click the first thumbnail to enlarge the image and launch the rest of the gallery).

“Bayo and I share the same vision: to take Filipinos’ beauty, talent, and craftsmanship to a whole new level,” says Libiran.“Bringing honor and pride to the Philippines has always been, and will always be, my goal every time I make clothes, and that is something that the brand and I have in common,” he adds.


Libiran’s collection and the campaign send a strong message that empowers Filipino talents everywhere: “The campaign and this collection will show the whole world that the Philippines is more than capable of producing beautiful masterpieces,” he says. With brilliant Filipino artists like him and local artisans who are ready to take on the global arena, the country is bound to continue moving forward in the international fashion stage.

FL x Bayo collection is now available at selected Bayo stores nationwide. The collection will also be available online at For more information, visit their website.

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