Avon Fashions’“Confidence is the New Sexy” campaign celebrates body positivity, denounces body shaming.
Fashion | By Trixie Reyna on May 24, 2017
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My love affair with bras started when my mom got me my first bra from Avon in my tweens. Since then, she regularly bought me several more from the brand because one of her officemates is an Avon Lady. I remember enjoying leafing through the month’s Avon brochure that Mom would bring home from work so I can pick my new bra.

On my first trip to the US a few years ago, I also allowed myself to go on a Victoria’s Secret bra splurge after going through their fitting process and finding out my actual bra size. I have since gone back to getting bras from Avon Fashions because of its frequently evolving designs and accessibility here in the Philippines—and because through bra fitting activities in media events, I am always able to get my updated bra size (which fluctuates with my weight).


I have one new reason to love getting my intimates from Avon Fashions, and that’s their latest campaign that celebrates women’s real beauty and sexiness: “Confidence is the New Sexy.” The intimate apparel brand encourages women to feel confident regardless of body type through perfectly fitting and comfortable intimate wear.


Avon Fashions presented its latest line of Intimate Apparel, led by the new Jamila Bra & Panty Set, which gives the right fit for curvy, plus size, petite, and athletically built women. There are also new styles available from their various lines like the Classic, Missy, Shapemakers, and Everyday Comfort.



During the event, four women took turns delivering monologues to share how they feel about body stereotypes and how they have come to discover that confidence is what “sexiness” is all about. Dubbed “Confidence-tial Files,” Avon Fashions presented a one-of-a-kind theatrical awakening with this self-love manifesto. Caisa Borromeo represented the Athletic body types, Marrone Cruz for Petite, Kakki Teodoro for Curvaceous, and Sarah Facuri for Plus size.


L-R: Sarah Facuri, Kakki Teodoro, Caisa Borromeo, and Marrone Cruz

“A woman may be strong, curvy, petite, and fuller, but these are only shapes and sizes,” the four women proclaimed in unison toward the end of the show. “The true measure of our beauty is in how much we embrace who we truly are. That’s real confidence and that’s what makes us truly sexy.”



As I myself struggle with not-so-positive body image issues because of my fluctuating size and “shedding for the wedding” pressures, it’s so refreshing and empowering to get Avon’s message and wear their intimates that combine fit, fashion, and function for a comfortable wear that helps make me feel confident.

Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel is now available through any Avon Representative or online at avon.ph. Want to order Avon on-the-go? Download the Avon Brochure app from Google Play or Apple Store to start browsing the latest brochure. The app will connect you to a nearby representative so you can enjoy personalized service.

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