Avon Fashions’ new Body Illusion offers different levels of control—from smoothing to shaping and sculpting—to help flatter your figure.
Fashion | By Trixie Reyna on March 25, 2019
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Lately, I’ve been suffering from a major fashion pet peeve: unflattering bulges and lines on my back and sides where my bra digs into my skin. You see, I used to be really slim and toned, but slowing metabolism because of my age, lack of time to work out, and moving to a place where delicious food is readily available on the cheap (by that I mean Iloilo) made me put on more weight faster than I can lose it.

Trixie Bali temple

Trying to hide unflattering lines and bulges under loose clothes on a recent trip to Bali

I love my shape, and thankfully, most of my clothes still fit, save for the aforementioned bulges caused by my bras. I’ve taken to wearing loose tops to try to hide them. When I do wear more figure-hugging tops and dresses, I tend to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable unlike before.

Avon Fashions Body Illusion

Avon Fashions Body Illusion Charlene

Thankfully, I realized that all I needed was to update my innerwear collection to fit my body. My recent discovery? Avon Fashions’ new Body Illusion, an advanced new innerwear line that provides support that won’t get in the way of our daily activities, outfit choices, and overall confidence.

Avon Fashions Body Illusion

The material of Body Illusion is so soft and smooth to the touch!

Developed with cutting-edge fabric technology to give us seamless, lightweight, and comfortable support, the new Body Illusion underwear combines comfort and flexibility in a set that’s designed to be out of sight and out of mind. They’re made with Avon’s Invisilite material, which offers the lightest and most flexible fit from among Avon Fashions’ intimate apparel (and I know this to be true because I’ve been wearing Avon’s intimate apparel since I was a teenager).

I love how the unique material is not only fade-resistant, it actually stretches up to twice its original size! I feel better owning the new Avon Body Illusion bra and panty, knowing that even while my size fluctuates, my innerwear will still fit me comfortably and look flattering.

Sonia Bra Front

What I have are the Sonia Non-Wire Seamless Pull-on Bra (P899) and Panty (P299). They’re a steal at this price for how awesome they perform. I love how the bra is the pull-on type as it offers more flexibility. This means there are zero hooks, ensuring seamless back and sides, and it disappears under my clothes. The ultra soft fabric and moulded cups that cover my breasts adequately make them so comfortable to wear, I forget I’m even wearing them.

Trixie spa

Body Illusion disappears even under white clothing

I can compare it to my really comfortable sports bras that flatter my form while providing great support. The absence of underwire is so liberating, yet it provides ample support for my larger than average breasts. Sizes range from S to XL, and I wear a Large to accommodate my 34-36 C-D bra and cup size.

Sonia Full Body

The matching panty is just as soft, comfortable, and light. It disappears without lines, even under the pencil skirts and figure-hugging dresses I wear to events and date nights, as well as the stretchy leggings I wear to the gym and yoga classes. The very light blush shade of the Sonia set flatters my skin tone so well.

Charlene Full Body

There’s another set, Charlene Underwire Seamless Bra (P899) and Panty (P299). The 3/4 cup bra has an eyeglass silhouette with ultra soft foam cups. Its laser-cut edges are also supposed to not leave marks and won’t show through tight clothing, although I have yet to try them myself since I don’t have this particular set. I wish I do, though, as the bras are available in a wide range of sizes, from 32A to bigger sizes such as 36C, 38B, and 40B.

For reference, here is Avon Fashions’ size guide:

Avon Fashions Body Illusion

Avon Fashions Body Illusion is the perfect foundation to any outfit the way a great foundation is to any makeup look. They’re a certified fashion must-have. Wearing the Sonia bra and panty set finally brings back that confidence I have in wearing figure-hugging outfits without unflattering bulges ruining my silhouette and getting in the way of how I breeze through the many activities I have in a day—from work to workout to play.

Check out this video to see these undies in action.

Avon Fashions Body Illusion is available through Zalora, Avon Representatives, or via Avonshop.ph. If you don’t have an Avon Representative yet, visit Avon.ph.

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