We got an experiential preview of Avon’s new and bestselling products, and we guarantee: girls from elementary to college (and their moms) would want these.
Beauty | Fashion | By Trixie Reyna on May 31, 2017
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I grew up with Avon. My mom’s officemates as well as our yaya when we were kids were Avon Representatives, so I had a lot of Avon things growing up. A lot of my first kikay stuff were Avon: my first lipstick and powder, fragrance, bags, wallets, even bras and panties. And oh how long they lasted!

Fast forward to the present, I’m glad my job allows me to get first dibs on Avon products when I’m invited to its media events, as I have been for the past several years. One such event that got me really excited for ALL the new products is Avon City, the first-ever experiential exposition of its best-selling products during the company’s Sales Leaders Congress (SL Congress) and National Sales Convention (NASCON).


The product expo highlighted Avon’s product categories where it has consistently held top market positions: fragrance, makeup, hand and body lotion, roll-on deodorants, and intimate apparel. Other Avon hot sellers included in the expo were jewelry and watches, accessories, and home and kids essentials.

The products were featured in booths for guests to try and experience, made more interesting through a variety of themes like Home and Kids Market, Fragrance Be Arcade, Avon Fashions Loungerie, Avon Skin Care Juice Bar, Jewelry Chocolaterie, Simply Pretty Picnic Park, Avon Accessories Cake Shop, and Personal Care and Color Theater.

Avon bags 1

The brand Avon has been around for more than 130 years, serving the constantly changing needs of generations of women—hence my essentials when I was a student are still around for today’s students, only better, among a lot more innovations. Here’s a preview of exciting products coming your way this new school year, whether you’re in college, high school, grade school—or the mom of these school kids!

For college chicks

Avon bags

1. Bags from Avon Accessories
We loved the chic new bag designs from Avon, which include pretty satchels and expandable bags for all your books and P.E. stuff!


2. Bestselling lipstick from Avon Color and Skin So Soft lotion
Make a statement in class with your soft glowing skin and bright red lips—which you can get as a pair with Avon’s Best Sets!

Avon Intimate Apparel

3. Intimate Apparel from Avon Fashions
Look and feel confident in undergarments that fit you perfectly underneath your school clothes. You’re sure to find yours from the latest collection of colorful bra and panty sets, whatever your shape and size. To learn more about Avon Fashions’ latest collection of Intimate Apparel, click here

For high school girls

Avon Simply Pretty

4. Simply Pretty cosmetics
For young ladies who are beginning to indulge their interest in makeup, Avon Simply Pretty’s new collection of beauty loot, from dainty lipsticks to skin-protecting BB Powder, will be suitable.

Avon Skin So Soft

5. Skin So Soft lotion
Catch the attention of your crush with your soft, glowing skin. Don’t forget to apply lotion twice a day!

For grade school kids (and their moms)

Avon Home and Kids

6. Home and Kids essentials
I was pleasantly surprised to discover Avon’s wide array of kiddie items (from various types of book bags to other school accessories) and kitchen tools that Mom needs to prepare the kids’ baon easily and more conveniently everyday. I personally wanted all their home items, as I myself am experimenting more in the kitchen!

You can get all these things from your suking Avon Representative. Don’t have one yet? Visit avon.ph to find out how you can get in touch with one. Want to order Avon on the go? Download the Avon Brochure app from Google Play or Apple Store to start browsing the latest brochure. The app will connect you to a nearby representative, so you can enjoy personalized service.

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