These Yadah cosmetics I now can't do without simplified my makeup routine.
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on August 12, 2015
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Yesterday, I shared with you my secret weapon against PMS breakouts: Korean beauty brand Yadah’s Anti-Trouble Series, available in Beauty Bar. Besides being obsessed with this particular skincare range, I also have a few favorites among their makeup products.

It somehow makes me feel better (and healthier) to replace some of my makeup essentials with Yadah products that have been certified organic by the international organisation ECOCERT, so I somehow lessen the harsh chemicals that I put on my sensitive skin.

Here are the three Yadah makeup products that I now include in my makeup routine:


For Lips: Yadah Auto Lip Crayon in Rose Beige (07), P375
You’ve been seeing this in some of my bag raid posts, and I can’t bring myself to take it out of circulation even now that I’m done reviewing it because for one, I love lip crayons, and two, it’s such an awesome lippie! It treats lips to rich color with a soft matte finish. I particularly like this apricot-like shade that complements my skin tone and somehow actually gives me a lighter complexion and youthful look—nakakabata, nakakatisay! Haha. Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil and avocado oil moisturize and comfort lips. It’s easy to apply along the curve of my lips, doesn’t bleed, and lasts long.


For Face and Lips: Twin Angel BB Cream SPF 35/PA++ with Lip & Cheek Tint
I really love multi-tasking products, and this particular tube takes it to new heights of convenience because I can pretty much do without all the other makeup products when I have this in my purse (okay, I guess I still need to add my eyeliner and eyebrow pencil).


This is how the BB Cream and Cheek Tint look on my skin without powder and concealer.

The BB Cream alone is already multi-functional, as it whitens, improves wrinkles, protects from both UVA and UVB rays, and provides great coverage. It’s a great makeup base, too. I make sure to use a very small amount, as it’s lighter than my complexion. I sometimes apply bronzer on my face when I use this. I also put powder over it to blot out shine, unless you’re going for the trendy strobing effect and you’re not too oily. Speaking of strobing, yes, this is great for highlighting, too. I don’t usually apply it all over my face, just on areas that need coverage/spot correction. Sometimes I don’t even wear concealer when I put this on. I also like its light scent.


Meanwhile, the lip and cheek tint is great to wear on its own as natural lip color (nude/pale pink lips are on-trend after all) or as base for lipstick. It moisturizes and evens outs lip texture. I was reviewing a range of matte lipsticks that were somewhat drying my lips, but when I tried to wear the lip and cheek tint under them, my lips no longer became chapped and dry. My lips remained smooth, and it was also easier to remove the lipstick—no dry residue remained, especially after scrubbing. I also noticed that the lipstick doesn’t bleed when I wear the tint under it. The tint is great for natural flushed cheeks, and it’s buildable so you can control the rosiness. It also has a shiny finish, so you may want to blot it with powder. I find the tiny mirror so cute and nifty, too (see photo above).


For Eyes: Yadah Auto Gel Liner Good Bye Smudge in Rich Gold (also comes in brown, black, pink, and khaki), P395
This particular shade of Yadah’s gel liner is another multi-tasking product for me, because I use it both as eyeliner and eye shadow—and even eye makeup base! I use it to line my lower lash line to make my eyes look bigger, and I apply it on my eyelids, either as eyeliner or eye shadow, for a touch of shimmer that brightens up my eyes.


I put a gold line on the inner corner of my eyes and over my black eyeliner for a subtle sparkle, then on my lower lash line to make my eyes appear bigger.

As liner, I apply a thick line on my upper lash line before doing my regular cat-eye with black eyeliner so there’s a gold line on top of my black line that really makes my eyes more alive (I can’t do without black liner, sorry). I also use it to line my lower lash line sometimes, to make my eyes pop (see photo above and below). Its smooth and creamy formula glides on easily for intense application. To draw a thin line, position eyeliner at a 90-degree angle. To draw a thicker line, position eyeliner at a flat angle.


As shadow, I apply it liberally on the lid, right under my eye crease, up to the crease/fold of my eyes, and then smudge it for even application (see photo above). It’s smudge-proof long-term, but its soft texture allows you to blend it out when you first apply it. When used as eye shadow, it’s actually a great base for my black eyeliner. That’s how I was really able to test its staying power because even the black liner above it wouldn’t budge; you actually feel that your liner is more secure upon application, and the black liner goes on more smoothly and evenly. Try it!


Makeup saving trick: Want to prolong the life of your gold liner and maximize every bit of it? If you want to use it as eye shadow, just use the shavings! There’s a tiny built-in sharpener on one end of the pencil, which I use to sharpen its tip for use on the lower lash line. Then I use the shavings to smudge on my upper lids as gold shimmer (see photo above). No particle wasted! (Yes, I’m frugal like that.)

So, this is how I do my daily makeup when I use all three products above:


1. Apply Yadah Sunscreen all over face.
2. Put Yadah Twin Angel BB Cream on areas where it’s needed, like cheekbones, a little bit on the nose and around it, and dark spots. Blend well.
3. Apply Yadah Twin Angel Lip & Cheek Tint on lips and cheeks using the ring finger.
4. Apply powder all over face to finish.
5. If desired, apply bronzer on hollows of cheeks, forehead, and jawline. Highlighter on cheekbones optional.
6. Line lower lash line with Yadah Auto Gel Liner in Rich Gold, then smudge gold liner on eyelids for a glittery shadow.
7. Apply eyeliner and eyebrow powder.
8. Finish makeup look by swiping on Yadah Auto Lip Crayon in Rose Beige.

Yadah beauty products are available in all Beauty Bar branches nationwide and online.

Photos by Trixie Reyna

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