Plagued by skin asthma, too? My dermatologist's recommended skincare brand might help.
Beauty | Featured | By Trixie Reyna on August 22, 2015
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I’ve been battling skin asthma and extremely sensitive skin since I was a kid, and it gets very frustrating to look for a product that helps me manage the rashes—which is usually when my skin doesn’t agree with the perfume or scented lotion, deodorant, or soap that I’m using. What’s sad is I love scented products, yet they’re the ones I should stay away from.

But, I can be stubborn, and my job calls for sampling all sorts of beauty products, so thankfully I already have a trusted skincare product to help me manage a breakout of rashes: Physiogel, differentiated, science-based, dermatologist-recommended solution for dry and sensitive skin.

Calming Relief range

I’ve been using Physiogel since I was in my teens, as prescribed by my dermatologist. Physiogel is reportedly the most-prescribed brand by dermatologists in the Philippines, and for good reason. I found that their cleanser, lotion, and cream are the only things that keep my skin moisturized, smooth, and free from skin asthma when I insist on using products with strong scents and chemicals. As long as I have Physiogel to come back to to save my skin, I can use perfumes and scented lotions and bath products once in a while, hehe.

Physiogel has a new Daily Moisture Therapy line that continues to be a differentiated science-led solution featuring the unique Physiogel BioMimic Technology, which works to soothe and repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Dermatologists highly recommend Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy because it is non-comedogenic and free from soap, preservatives, perfumes, and colorants.

Daily Moisture Therapy

According to research, sensitive skin can be caused by a multitude of factors—from climactic harshness and pollutants in the air and water to hormonal factors and stress further compounded by the use of cosmetics—the everyday problems women face. Dry skin occurs when one’s natural lipid layers in the skin lose its ability to retain enough moisture.

GlaxoSmithKline, whose flagship skin health brand is Physiogel, conducted a study that shows how dry and sensitive skin impacts women’s overall quality of life as they struggle with sensitivity and set them back from fully embracing and living life to the fullest. Through this, Physiogel came up with the Free In My Skin campaign, which seeks to enable women to find the right solutions to free themselves from dry and sensitive skin, with TV host, model/entrepreneur, and blogger Patti Grandidge as the brand advocate.

Physiogel Patti

Physiogel’s #FreeInMySkin Movement starts with self discovery by taking the Freedom List Challenge, Physiogel’s suggested guide in the form of a lifestyle online quiz that is a representation of what women can achieve when freed from dry and sensitive skin. The result of the quiz provides a glimpse into one’s personality that ranges from being a savvy collaborator, inspiring innovator, charismatic motivator, and elegant sophisticate, revealing worthwhile hints that may help them embrace and live life to the fullest. Log on to and take the Challenge yourself. Sharing with you my results below; take the quiz yourself here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 11.01.45 PM

Physiogel is made more accessible to Filipinas across the nation as it is available in Mercury Drug Stores and other leading pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide.

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