We've been going to this salon in Katipunan since college!
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on November 24, 2013


One lazy Saturday before I was scheduled to meet my friends at Eastwood Citywalk, I decided to visit the Azta Urban Salon branch there and ended up getting my hair colored, almost on a whim. They recommended I try their MLV Hair Color service. Taiwan-based beauty brand Chihtsai patented the MLV technology for hair color, which is especially made for Asian hair. MLV stands for Multi-layer Lamella Vesicle, a technology that reportedly “allows the color pigment to penetrate deeper into the hair cortex, infusing a rich mix of proteins and conditioning agents that make hair softer and stronger.” Its mild formulation gives deep and brilliant color without irritating the scalp, allowing the hair stylist to apply the color cream from the roots to the tips.

MLV technology was developed to create a one-step conditioning and emulsifying package, thus eliminating complicated procedures: no more sectioning, no more pre-softening. After the hair coloring procedure, locks look soft and shiny.

Chihtsai hair color also happens to smell pleasant–no need to cover your nose to block the strong smell of ammonia. Should you decide to not wash your hair for a day (as they would recommend), you wouldn’t really mind, since your hair still smells great.

I love how the end result is a brilliant hair color, with my locks soft, shiny, and even fragrant. However, watch that they apply an even color to your locks, as the salon initially applied a lighter color on my crown. They graciously agreed to fix it, however.

Also, you may want to avoid wearing light-colored tops for at least a week or so; incidentally, you might have to sacrifice one of your towels for drying your hair (and stick to that for a week), and make sure you do not sleep with wet hair. The color washes off and would have the tendency to soil clothes and towels, although it did not leave a permanent stain. However, even if you may feel it washing off, the color remains even and vibrant, and actually lasts long on hair.

MLV Hair Color starts at P850 for men (short hair) and P1,250 for women. It costs P1,400 for medium hair length, P1,650 for long hair, plus additional P300 for extra long hair.

To try MLV Hair Color, book an appointment in Azta Urban Salon Eastwood City, 02-6876527.

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