…or any other time you need to lose fat and flab around your belly fast. I tried—and loved—the affordable combo of RF and cavitation at Skintology.
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on May 11, 2016
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There are only a few weeks left to summer…and I have yet to hit the beach this season, huhu. It’s either I don’t have the time or I don’t have it in me to go out there in a bikini because I have been stress eating like crazy and my metabolism has been unable to keep up. My one-piece swimsuits and maillots are overused, and I have so many unused bikinis, so there’s one thing left to do when my schedule only permits one yoga class per week: do RF (radio frequency) and cavitation again at Skintology in Salcedo Village, Makati, near where I do yoga.

I first blogged about Skintology here, when I tried their signature facial treatments recommended by their president and co-founder Maia Pega. Then when I needed help in toning my tummy and getting rid of the remaining flab in time for my best friend’s Boracay wedding, I paid them a visit again, this time for fat loss. Their in-house doctor Dr. Bryan Uy-Barretta prescribed five sessions of RF and cavitation (you can get the combined treatments at P3,000 per session) for my desired effect.

Thinking of trying out this combo this summer—or anytime you need to tone and lose the tummy fat fast, without surgery? Read all about my experience first.


1st Session: Procedure & Results
Every session starts with measuring the area to be treated, in this case my abdomen. I started out with a 28” waist and 33” puson (lower abdomen). The therapist applied RF cream so there’s no pain/current/burning sensation.

Each session starts with cavitation, which burns up to the third layer of fat. The machine head is rubbed on the area for 15-20min (depending on machine brand used—they have two; the two machines are in the photos above and below). The machine generates a beeping/buzzing sound that only I can hear clearly; the therapist supposedly only hears it softly.


This is followed by RF for tightening and skin firming, done for 10-15min (depending on machine brand). This is to avoid having sagging skin when fat is removed. It can get very warm on your skin; warn the therapist if the heat is unbearable so she can reduce the intensity.

After my first treatment, I lost almost half an inch on my waist and half an inch on my puson. You can lose at least .5” to 1” after one session, and the recommended number of sessions is four or five, spread to twice a week in 2.5 weeks, if you’re slim to begin with. There should be a 3-day interval in between treatments. Effects depend on the weight of the person. This treatment combo should also be paired with proper diet and exercise for it to really work and have a lasting effect.

I took photos after my first treatment, which I had 1.5hrs before yoga class (I found out only during the first session that you can’t work out for at least an hour or ideally within the day you get the treatment done). No before photos because I’m shy, but suffice it to say that now, I have no shame in showing you the after photos after one session of cavitation and RF.

And yes, don’t workout after. I went ahead and worked out after that first session, since I scheduled it before my yoga class, and I felt so tired, drained, and dehydrated more than ever during hot yoga. The treatment targeted the core, and I never realized until then how much I depended on it during workouts; and that’s the rationale for letting it rest a day before working out again after RF and cavitation.

2nd Session: Results
I lost one inch around my waist and .5″ around my puson, so I went down to 27” and 32.5” respectively. I also noticed that over time, it made skin texture better, smoother, firmer.

3rd Session: Results
My waistline remained the same as last time, but my puson went down to 31” which is surprising considering how much I have been stress eating (and drinking) that week, and with my period a week a way (PMS). Even if my waist’s measurement remained the same, it looked more toned. The therapist thought I actually lost weight.

4th Session: Results
I lost two inches in one session and went back down to 27.1″ around my waist, and 30″ around my puson. If you noticed, I gained a bit in between sessions, but I still managed to lose more inches since my first session.

5th session: Results
I just maintained the results of my last session. However, I seemed to have lost more weight since, which I was told would be the effect. I also toned more.

At P15,000 total for my five sessions, I got my desired results and helped me kick-start a slimmer, more toned tummy that I just had to maintain with weekly yoga (the healthy eating part I am still working on). Skintology may not be the only one offering this treatment, but I like how more affordable the RF + cavitation combo is here, compared to other more well-known clinics. I also like the convenience of it being close to where I work out, and I’m sure it’s great for people who live or work around the Ayala/Salcedo Village area.

1. Don’t eat for an hour after the treatment; just drink water. And when you do eat, limit your intake. Maintain a healthy diet to enhance and prolong the effect.

2. Don’t shower for at least an hour after the treatment. If you can help it, just shower before bed.

3. Don’t exercise for an hour after. It’s best to work out first and then do the treatment after, or better yet just work out next day, just to give the treated area time to rest.

4. Don’t do RF when you have your period because it may have an unwanted effect on your uterus. If you’re pregnant, you can only do RF a year after you give birth, when the uterus is no longer swollen.

5. You can only do cavitation on the tummy area, not your arms or thighs, because the treatment can make bones brittle when used on bony areas. You only need RF for arms, thighs, and even your buttocks.

6. Slim people might not even need cavitation; just RF will do, is it also helps prevent stretch marks.

7. Cavitation can’t be done on people with organ problems or cancer.

Skintology Aesthetics Clinic is located at the Ground Floor of Plaza Royale Building, 120 LP Leviste Road, Salcedo Village, Makati. You may contact them via (02) 843-2233 or visit their Facebook page.

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