The brow essentials from Full Brow and the natural beauty products from Pili will keep you looking and feeling fresh and put-together throughout this warm season.
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on April 19, 2018

Summer reportedly came later than usual this year, but FINALLY, there’s no denying the season of intense heat and humidity has come to this tropical country. And when the season changes, so should the beauty products in your makeup kit.

Now that I’m in my mid-30s, I’ve kept my makeup essentials to just the bare minimum: lipstick, concealer, and brow products. What I did add to my daily beauty must-haves are oils for different needs: to ward off insects (because I’m one of those people who are born insect magnets), to perk me up, to relieve pains (oh, aging), or to relax me when I’m feeling anxious (which is often).

Take a peek at the products I’ve recently added to my beauty stash to give you an idea what to add to yours this summer. All items are prettily packaged and travel-friendly, so they stay with me wherever I go—whether to the city or to a beach destination.

Full Brow - main

Brow Powder in (clockwise from top left) Natural Brown, Dark, Taupe, and Blonde

Full Brow

I was a late-bloomer when it came to brow makeup, but when I finally realized how it makes my face look more put-together even with barely any other makeup on, I’ve become addicted to brow products. I guess it paid off because I now get compliments for my brows and people always ask me what products I use.

Well, I often change the brow products I use, and currently, I’m using Full Brow products from Melbourne, Australia, which are now available in Beauty Bar. The reason Full Brow is perfect for summer is its longwearing formula, which will last from the moment you step out of the house to the minute you kick off your shoes and crash on the couch at the end of the day—and won’t melt in spite of the heat and humidity.

Full Brow offers a full range of brow essentials that are easy to apply and designed specifically for everyday use. They’re so compact, they won’t overcrowd your makeup bag. Pick the shade that matches your hair color and complexion.

The Brow Powder (P695) is blendable with buildable color and coverage. Its ultra-creamy, highly pigmented formula adds volume, creating the illusion of naturally perfect brows (even if your brows are over-plucked or thinning), and nourishes your brows with vitamin E. It comes in four shades: Blonde (for very light to dusty hair colors), Taupe (for dark blonde, light to medium brunette, or auburn hair colors), Natural Brown (for medium brunette to dark hair colors with a warm undertone), and Dark (for deep brunette to black hair colors—it’s what I use).

Full Brow - Brow Brush 2

Brow Powder is best applied with the Brow Brush (P895). The medium density and firm pack of the synthetic bristles allow for perfect application of the Brow Powder or your favorite brow product. Use the angled end of the brush to apply the Brow Powder or your favorite brow color. Simply plot your natural brow shape and lightly outline. Gradually begin to fill brows until you reach your desired intensity. Then use the spoolie end of the brush to groom, blend, and brush brow hair in upward motion. The thicker handle of the Brow Brush makes for an easy grip. Wipe the bristles clean between uses.

Full Brow - Brow Smudge- Dark     2

Brow Smudge in Dark

If you’re not used to brow powder or just want an all-in-one product (sans stencils and separate brushes), try their Brow Smudge (P795) instead. The highly pigmented cream-to-powder formula enhanced with vitamin E will perfectly blend into your skin and brows for the most natural look, and can help cover light or grey hair. To use, just twist off the Brow Smudge color-filled cap and pump the retractable tip several times into the color filled cap, then begin to fill brows. It already has a built-in brush. The cool undertone of the Brow Smudge provides the most natural color payoff and finish. It comes in two shades: Dark (for medium brunette to the darkest hair color) and Light (for fair to light brown hair color).

Full Brow - Brow Smudge- Light     1

Brow Smudge in Light

Tip: Start applying color from the center of the brow toward the tail of the brow. Once most of the color has transferred from the sponge to the center and tail of your brow, you will now have the perfect amount of product to lightly fill the starting point of your brow. This application technique will ensure the most natural finish.

Full Brow - Brow Wax

The Brow Wax (P625) will make sure the brow products you applied stay put all day long. You can even wear it alone to tame unruly brows. It’s best applied with your finger, as the warmth of your finger will perfectly melt the product into your brows. Simply circulate your finger in the Brow Wax and sweep over brow hair. Apply it after the Brow Powder for a natural appearance, or before the brow powder if you want a bold, dramatic look. The clear, non-sticky wax is enhanced with castor oil to nourish and condition brows.

Full Brow - Highlighter

Finish your look off with the ultra-creamy multipurpose Highlighter (P795), which helps give the appearance of a brighter eye area when swept across the brow bone and blended with your finger. The unique formulation gives a bright, dewy, and natural finish without high shimmer or glitter. Its shade suits all skin tones.

Tip: You can even sweep this product across your cheekbones then blend with your fingers for a healthy dewy appearance.

Pili Beauty Essentials

Lately I’ve been obsessed with essential oils, and I recently discovered the diverse range of products that champions the under-appreciated potential of the local pili tree offered by the wellness-focused brand simply called Pili. There’s more to the little tree that you probably only knew as a candied delicacy.

Pili harnessed the pili oil from the pulp of the pili fruit and the even more potent elemi oil from the resin to produce oils, lotions, and other potions that maximize moisturizing and anti-aging properties to give you a solid and sustainable beauty routine. What’s more, everything is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, paraben-free, and natural.

Pili Group Shot main

My favorites are Pili’s collection of essential oils that invigorate, calm, and relieve the senses. I never leave home without Bug Me Not, which repels insects (that are usually more bothersome during summer) with its medley of citronella, lemongrass, and neem. It comes in a handy natural balm formulation that’s perfect for travels and also safe for kids. To perk up, especially on lazy summer afternoons, I use Rise and Shine, a mix of citrus and elemi oils that focuses and bolsters energy. When my husband or I get aches and pains from tired and tense muscles, especially on trips, I apply Stress Away, which has a soothing blend of eucalyptus, ginger, cypress, juniper berry, wintergreen, menthol, and camphor oils. When we have the sniffles because of the fickle weather, we use Breathe Easy, whose eucalyptus and elemi oil blend eases nasal passages. And before bed, I use Sweet Dreams essential oil, whose naturally soothing scent puts me at ease and ready to sleep, even while I’m away on a trip or on a particularly hot evening that makes it hard to fall asleep.

I keep the Pili antioxidant-rich Hand & Body Lotion and the Hair Serum in my bag, too. Fitted with pili oil that will help prevent premature aging and elemi oil that will tighten and smoothen skin, the fragrant hand and body lotion helps make my skin glow yet it doesn’t melt in the summer heat, so it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. Meanwhile, a spritz of the hair serum keeps my scalp from drying under the intense sun and easily tames stubborn frizz when humidity is at its worst. With the same moisturizing capabilities, it works overtime—as a leave-on conditioner, hair mask, or even an overnight hair treatment.

In the Philippines, Full Brow is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc., and is available in Beauty Bar stores located at Central Square in Bonifacio High Street Central, Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 2, Greenbelt 5, Power Plant Mall, Shangri-La Plaza, TriNoma, SM Mall of Asia, and Robinsons Magnolia. Visit,, or their Facebook page for more information.

You can find Pili beauty products at Styled Pop-up on the second floor of Shangri-La Plaza Mall’s East Wing. Pili Beauty is distributed by Elemie Naturals Inc. Visit for more information. 

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