Bad hair LIFE? Try TRESemmé's newest range, created for long-haired ladies like us--and Georgina Wilson.
Beauty | Featured | By Trixie Reyna on May 13, 2015
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Obvs, the main photo isn’t of me, but Georgina Wilson being styled by celebrity hairstylist Lourd Ramos, both Tresemme ambassadors, for the hair care brand’s latest range, Split Repair, which I tried recently.

Confession: I keep my hair long because I can tie it in a bun or a ponytail most of the time, haha; also so I can wear it in loose waves whenever I please. It’s a lot more versatile, and I just think it suits me better.

Which is why I was pleased to learn that Spring/Summer 2015 runways showed that current hair trends are all about long beautiful tresses: think bombshell blowouts, long tails, braids and twists, boho waves, out-of-water looks, and big buns of different shapes and sizes. See 2015 hair trends modeled by Tresemme celebrity ambassadors (or Tresetters):

But, as someone who insists on just washing and wearing her hair, I must admit I just don’t have the time or patience to blow-dry and style my locks everyday. That’s why I always tie my hair in a bun, but when I finally let it down, it’s really frustrating when it looks very unkempt, especially around the drier ends (see below). BUT, I just refuse to cut it. I go for a trim perhaps twice a year—I know, I’m so bad—but to me, the longer my hair is, the better.


My hair post-wash without using Split Repair

So sometimes, I’d get not-so-pleasant-sounding remarks about my hair, from “Aren’t you ever going to cut your hair?” to the more blunt “Girl, kailangan mo nang ipa-trim ang hair mo. Sobrang haba na at dry ng tips!” Imagine my delight that ever since I religiously started using the new Tresemmé Split Repair range, no one had reason to make uncomfortable remarks about my super long hair.


Tresemmé Split Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, and Serum

Tresemmé Split Repair reportedly has an innovative sealing mechanism they call Repair Complex, which binds up to 88% of split ends while repairing and preventing further damage with continued use.

Thankfully, I don’t have split ends, but the tips of my hair used to be very dry. Not anymore. I noticed that after two weeks of using the Tresemmé Split Repair shampoo, conditioner, and serum, my hair is softer, shinier, and had healthier-looking tips I wasn’t ashamed to flaunt in loose waves down to my back and chest (see below).


When I do the damp bun trick, my locks fall in better-looking loose waves without me even having to do any heat styling. I just use the three products in the Split Repair range.

Another perk? It smells good! A tip I learned a long time ago from celebrity hairstylist and Tresemme hair professional Lourd Ramos for easily achieving naturally wavy locks is to wear my hair in a bun while it is still a little damp (just a little, not dripping!). That way, when I’m ready to let my tresses down, they tumble in beautiful loose curls that will stay longer—perhaps with a little help from the serum, too! I’ve been doing it since, and anyway, when I started washing my hair with Split Repair, I noticed that the scent stays on my hair all day and overnight! This is particularly important this summer, when sweat tends to ruin everything.

Who better to endorse this new hair care range and sport S/S 2015’s long hair trends other than the currently trending Georgina Wilson, who also hosts the newest season of Asia’s Next Top Model?


Tresemmé Hair Professional Lourd Ramos with Tresetters Georgina Wilson and Raymond Gutierrez

“The long hair trend makes a comeback every so often, and I understand why—it’s just so versatile! It allows a multitude of looks whether worn up or down,” says Georgina. “But like most women, I sometimes get wary about growing my hair long, especially with all these split ends and damage concerns. I can say though that with Tresemmé’s Split Repair line, I found out that cutting your hair is not the best fix. Forget split ends! You should give it a try yourself.”


(L-R): Tresetters Gwen Zamora, Jessica Connelly, Phoemela Baranda, Bubbles Paraiso, Raymond Gutierrez, Georgina Wilson, Martine Cajucom, Natalia Ortega, and Alyanna Martinez

A caveat: Because of all the potent ingredients that make this range work, it might not be best for women with sensitive skin that reacts easily to strong formulations. I suggest you first get the smallest bottle each of the shampoo and conditioner (170mL bottle, P120 each), along with the serum (P499), and see if the range works for you. As with any new beauty product, you may also want to consult your dermatologist before and after you try it.

Tresemmé Split Repair is available in leading supermarkets, department stores, and drug stores. The 600mL shampoo and conditioner is available at P399 each, while the 340mL bottles cost P230 each. Learn more about Tresemmé’s salon innovations at

Photos courtesy of Visions and Expressions

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