If you know me--or at least see me often--you'll notice that my favorite, go-to eye makeup look is a cat-eye or winged liner look. This new ‪eyeliner helped me achieve that more easily.
Beauty | Featured | By Trixie Reyna on May 9, 2015
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No matter how many makeup workshops I’ve attended or makeup tips I’ve read, I still can’t bring myself to wear eyeshadow daily. I just don’t have the time to properly shade my lids, and I really prefer to keep my eyes bare, with one exception: eyeliner. I’ve been lining my lids since I was in high school, and this is what I tell all my friends who ask me how come my hands are so steady and my lines so straight when I outline my eyes. My favorite look? Cat-eye or winged eyeliner look. It’s not easy to perfect, especially when you haven’t had as much practice, but it’s really all you need to glam up your peepers.

HyperSharp Wing main

But then now we can thank heavens even more for Maybelline New York: The beauty brand that gave us the most amazing mascaras now also bring us HyperSharp Wing, the first flat wing brush liner that will help create the thickest to the thinnest line for a winged liner look. HyperSharp Wing can go from extremely thin to thick precision, giving you better control and making it easier to achieve instant, perfect, and symmetrical wings.

EYE STUDIO HyperSharp Wing, P399

Now, if you want to take it a step further, Maybelline comes ready with HyperSharp Laser, which has an extremely thin 0.05mm tip for creating looks with intricate details: think florals, curls, and swirls for when you want to play with your eyelid as a blank canvas.

EYE STUDIO HyperSharp Laser, P379

Both HyperSharp liners have unique calligraphy-inspired brushes—as you can see, the calligraphy craze has moved on from Instagram to makeup, haha. It also has a special film formula that gives you the blackest black possible: shiny, dense, and black as coal. It’s supposed to be made of ultra-fine black carbon particles that optimizes light reflection once it has set. I did notice that this particular liquid liner is darker, bolder, and thicker than other liquid liners I’ve tried with just one swipe! No need to layer your strokes. Check out some snapshots of the many times I’ve used HyperSharp Wing over the past week:


Both also have a 12-hour longwear formula that resists water, sweat, sebum, and tears and can last all day. I’ve been putting this to the test during one of the most challenging weeks of my summer—that, yes, involved lots of sweat, sebum, and tears, indeed—but my eyeliner stayed put, and if there was any bleeding at all, it was very, very minimal and easy to clean up, with the rest of my winged liner look still intact.


I also noticed that when it’s finally time to remove it, it’s easy to come off: Just make sure to use a proper makeup remover first (I’m using a cream-based one), massaging your eyes gently, before washing your face with a facial cleanser. You can be sure there are no ugly eyeliner remnants when you’ve dried your face.

HyperSharp Wing is now available for P399 and HyperSharp Laser for P379 in all Maybelline counters nationwide.


Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 9.18.23 AM

But wait, there’s more good news from Maybelline New York. Remember those mascaras I mentioned? You can grab them at a steal among other Maybelline all-time favorites at the Make-up Madness Sale that’s ongoing up to May 31, 2015! Maybelline New York is slashing P100 off all Maybelline bestsellers plus a 50% off on Dream Liquid Mousse. PLUS: Check my Instagram for my makeup giveaway!

maybelline sale

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