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The brow essentials from Full Brow and the natural beauty products from Pili will keep you looking and feeling fresh and put-together throughout this warm season.
Want to get a massage and mani-pedi? Check out Princess Hazel Salon & Spa in QC.
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There's a new facial wash I'm crazy about, and I got to try it before buying it, thanks to Sample Room.
Metalink Liquid Eyeliners
I used the newest line of liquid eyeliners, the star product of the Metallic Bouquet collection, to create my signature eye makeup look.
You can create pretty makeup looks inspired by fireworks using the latest collection of this popular Japanese makeup brand.
If there's just one beauty tip you must learn from my blog, let it be this: Wear sunscreen daily.
The new powder promises to stay matte for 12 hours without retouching. Read all about my (somewhat funny/embarrassing) road-testing.