Whether or not you’re blessed with your ancestors’ great genes, using skincare products tailor-made for your concern can spell the difference. Try your luck with Olay’s new and improved line.
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on September 19, 2017
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They say Asians are blessed with great genes that allow our skin to age slowly and beautifully. But sometimes, it’s hard to feel like we’re one of the lucky ones when the dark spots and fine lines start to show in our early 30s—and when stress just dulls our glow.

By our 30s, we should have already figured out what skincare works for us. But if your skin is still dull, your dark spots show no sign of lightening, and the fine lines are just deepening, don’t you think it’s maybe time to recalibrate?

Pia at Olay Luck Maker Lab

Pia Wurtzbach had her skin analyzed at Olay Luck-Maker Lab

That’s definitely my predicament right now. At the launch of Olay products’ new formulation, I tried the Pop-up Olay Luck-Maker Lab, where a machine analyzed my skin condition. While it showed that my skin is average—meaning, it wasn’t damaged—it wasn’t as good as I want it to be. As a bride-to-be, I need to have perfect skin! There are tiny spots on my cheeks that need to disappear completely; there are fine lines under my eyes and my laugh lines that need to fade.


Are you in the same boat? In case you’re thinking of switching to a new skincare product since your old one just won’t work, now’s a good time to try the improved formulation of Olay White Radiance, Olay Total Effects, and Olay Regenerist.

The re-engineered formulas are backed up by thorough research and analysis from Olay’s Multi-decade and Ethnicity Study (MDE Study), together with Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Alexa Kimball. This extensive analysis of skin from a multitude of women of various age groups and ethnic backgrounds showed that 10% of women, dubbed as “the lucky few,” carry a genetic code for naturally beautiful skin that maintains its youthful look even as they age. Activating the skin’s genetic code to mimic that of the lucky few is the breakthrough that Olay boasts. We shouldn’t let our genes dictate how well we age, right? We can take matters (of skin aging) into our own hands.

For targeting dark spots

White Radiance Concentrate

Are dark spots appearing on your skin seemingly out of nowhere (trust me, it’s from sun exposure), or do blemish spots refuse to go away long after your breakouts have cleared? Try the new Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence (P1,299) with Pearl-Optics Complex, which enhances the skin’s dewy radiant aura. It does so by improving brightness, skin tone, and hydration, visibly reducing the appearance of dark spots over time. With this new formulation, you can look glowing and fresh, even with minimal to no makeup. Among that of Olay products, its texture and finish are my favorite.

For fighting signs of skin aging

TE Day Cream Normal SPF 15

Besides dark spots, do you also have fine lines around your eyes and mouth? If you’ve been avoiding using anti-aging products, now’s the time to start loving them. You can start with the Olay Total Effects Day Moisturizer SPF 15 (P799), which fights seven signs of aging by further enhancing the skin’s natural self-renewal process. The Olay Total Effects series was the first mass skin care product to introduce the powerful anti-aging ingredient Niacinamide, but this time, Olay boosted its formula. It now has VitaNiacin Complex II with Vitamins C, E, B3, and B5, along with having 50% more Vitamin E that serves as an anti-oxidant capable of defending the skin from free radicals known to cause skin-aging.

Olay Total Effects Brand Ambassador Pia Wurtzbach

Need celeb proof? Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach swears by this product.

For turning back time on aging skin

RG Micro-Sculpting Cream 50g

If you’ve exposed yourself to the sun too much without sun protection and resisted anti-aging skincare until it’s too late, you’re now probably wondering how you can undo all the damage the sun, time, and neglect did to your skin. Look for a product with Carob seed extract, like the new Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream (P1,899), which helps accelerate the recovery of aging skin. It now also has Glyco-Repair that activates the “ageless gene” pattern to reduce lines and wrinkles, and improve skin texture and elasticity. Also containing hyaluronic acid that aids in drawing moisture to keep your skin supple, the re-engineered formula is designed to better plump skin. Seasoned veteran of the local showbiz industry Charo Santos-Concio is the new face of this product.

Olay Regenerist Brand Ambassador Charo Santos-Concio

The newly reformulated Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence, Olay Total Effects Day Moisturizer SPF 15, and Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream are now available in Lazada and all major department stores.

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