This new product from L’Oréal Paris, Revitalift Laser Total Care, is meant to address facial signs of stress. I’ve been using it for a month. Could it be the one?
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on October 22, 2015

Lately, people have been complimenting me on my glow and how stress-free I look. One friend event went so far as to say I looked “serene.” I never knew what to tell them or how to react, so I just tried to figure out what could be responsible for this—what I could be doing right.

For one, it could be the happy glow I get from my relationship. Another possibility is, my decision to leave the corporate world—and all the office gossip, politics, and environment of unprofessional millennials and fickle bosses—finally did my skin, my outlook, and my total being some good. I’m still stressed from all my freelance work and blogging, but it’s good stress, because it’s just me now.


Or, it could also be my skincare. One of the products I recently added to my arsenal in the past month is Revitalift Laser Total Care, the newest product from L’Oréal Paris’ Revitalift Laser Franchise, which is designed to lift the facial signs of stress away at least—even if mentally and emotionally, we still are, hehe. We may be stressed, but we don’t have to look it, right?

Global studies show that signs of aging appear at various ages—it’s no longer just when we hit our 30s or 40s. The environment, pollution, UV light, and even stresses of urban life influence the way skin looks and ages. These factors cause the appearance of lines and dark spots, and make skin dull and rough.

Product Shot

With this product, L’Oreal Paris promises to help us look young and have stress-free skin in four weeks. Revitalift Laser X3 from L’Oréal Paris has a triple anti-aging power that’s supposed to battle facial signs of stress and premature aging. It’s meant to correct lines, reduce dark spots, even out skin tone, add radiance, smoothen and protect skin from UV light with SPF27 PA+++.

If you’re worried that the high UV protection makes the product heavy on skin, you’ll be glad to know it’s not. The UVA-UVB filtration system is barely perceptible, and it has a very thin, oil-in-water emulsion and fresh texture that quickly melts and penetrates into skin, leaving it comfortably soft and smooth without any greasy or sticky feeling. It’s great to use every morning, even under makeup. I actually use it as base. The product has a beige-yellowish color that goes on clear.

Dermatologically tested on Asian skin—so you don’t need to worry if it’s going to work in our warmer climate—Revitalift Laser Total Care has 3% Pro-Xylane, a molecule that remodels facial skin structures that become disorganized with aging and stress, and L-Niacide that clarifies dark spots.

I’m not sure if this product is the only one responsible for my stress-free glow, but it may be helping. If you think it’s worth a try, be ready to shell out P1,499 for it.

The fourth possibility is flattery. Baka binobola lang ako ng friends ko, naniwala naman ako. Haha.

Revitalift Laser Total Care is now exclusively available in L’Oréal Paris counters nationwide.

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