Pond’s launches new, improved formulations for modern skincare woes. #ChangeIsBeautiful
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on February 24, 2017

I started using Pond’s when I was a freshman in high school: We were taught to use Pond’s Cold Cream before washing our face with Pond’s Facial Wash in our Personality Development class. Since then, I grew up trying all the new products from the brand, especially every new facial wash variant, as well as my favorite product back then: Pond’s Pearl Cream.


NEW Pond’s Age Miracle Day Cream, Pond’s Age Miracle Night Cream (both at P99 for 10g, P349 for 25g, and P725 for 50g), and Pond’s Age Miracle Eye Cream (P499)

I’ve since graduated to using Pond’s Age Miracle to prevent more fine lines and wrinkles from showing on my aging face (sobs). And just as I’m settling into this Pond’s line, here comes the beauty brand with exciting changes to cult favorite products.

Are you ready for a beautiful change? If we think about our skincare rituals from five to 10 years ago, the basics were able to keep our skin clear and well-hydrated. But if you take a closer look at our environment now and analyze what our skin faces each day—like pollution, harsher UV rays, and stress—you’ll realize that these basics are no longer enough. We need modern-day skincare solutions that can keep up with our ever-evolving skin needs and on-the-go lifestyle.

Ponds Acne Clear

NEW Pond’s Acne Clear Facial Foam (available in two tube sizes—50g for P85 and 100g for P155—as well as two sachet sizes: 10g for P15 and 4g for P6) and NEW Pond’s Acne Clear Leave-On Expert Clearing Gel (20g for P180)

So Pond’s went on to improve the formulation of its products with new ingredients and technology that our complexion needs at each life stage. It started this change with Pond’s Acne Clear (an essential for me when battling period breakout), Pond’s White Beauty, and Pond’s Age Miracle ranges.

Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre

Teen queens Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre

And to complement the product changes, Pond’s also introduced new faces for its products: teen queen Kathryn Bernardo for Pond’s White Beauty, Sofia Andres for Pond’s Acne Clear, and Joey Mead-King, who is the new face of Pond’s Age Miracle, along with Pond’s Girl Toni Gonzaga. All four ladies are now part of the Pond’s Beauty Council, which already includes celebrities Nadine Lustre, Heart Evangelista, Iza Calzado, and Julia Barretto, among others.

Julia Barretto Heart Evangelista Iza Calzado

Pond’s Beauty Council members Julia Barretto, Heart Evangelista, and Iza Calzado 

Here’s what’s new for each Pond’s range and what the new Pond’s girls swear by:


Are you plagued by pimples, oily skin, and stubborn blemishes caused by stress, hormones, and pollution? You would think only young women have these problems, but even women in their 30s (like me) still get a breakout every now and then, especially when we get our period. The Pond’s solution to that is Pond’s Acne Clear, which is clinically proven to clear acne in just three days. It contains the breakthrough Lock & Clear Technology, the first in the world to lock bacteria cells and clear it from the inside so you can have acne-clear skin. New Pond’s girl Sofia uses the Pond’s Acne Clear Facial Wash and Acne Clear Leave-on Gel combo “to keep pimples and oil away” and “help my breakouts clear up a lot faster.”

Ponds White Beauty


NEW Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream for Normal Skin (10g at P25, 20g at P70, 40g at P120), NEW Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream for Oily Skin (10g at P27.50, 20g at P77, 40g at P132), and NEW Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream with Sun Protection SPF 15 (10g at P40, 20g at P91, 40g at P156)

If you’re concerned about sun damage and pollution dulling and darkening your skin, the Pond’s solution to that is the new Pond’s White Beauty, which uses the all-new, patented ingredient called Vitamin B3+. It lessens the production of melanin that causes skin darkening and prevents melanin from surfacing. “I noticed that I started getting dark spots from old acne marks and from being under the sun,” reveals new Pond’s girl Kathryn. “To protect my skin, I started using Pond’s White Beauty since it has SPF that protects it on the outside and Vitamin B3+ that whitens from the inside. Using it twice daily really helped me get a rosy, white glow.”

Joey Mead and Toni Gonzaga

Joey Mead and Toni Gonzaga

Now if, like me, you’re now seeing the onset of worry lines, wrinkles, skin sagging, and age spots, your Pond’s solution to that is the NEW Pond’s Age Miracle. It has Retinol-C Complex that works 24 hours non-stop, helping reduce wrinkles to give you a youthful glow. “As a new mom, I noticed that the late nights were starting to take a toll on my skin,” said Pond’s Brand Ambassador Toni. “I tried the new formula, and after just seven days, I noticed that I look a lot fresher and I even got my glow back!”

I’m excited to see what other changes will come next for Pond’s!

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