Hey Sugar offers an alternative to your usual waxing services that lets you achieve fairer, smoother skin in a more natural way, with less pain.
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on October 22, 2018

I’ve been upfront on this blog about how I regularly get a Brazilian wax because I like how it feels when I’m hair-free down there. And I recently discovered that it’s better to get it done at one of Hey Sugar’s many, consistently dainty and pretty waxing salons around the country (there’s one in Iloilo City!) that all seem to be designed after my own feminine heart.

Trixie-Hey Sugar

Waiting for my turn at Hey Sugar Uptown Mall in BGC

Claiming to be an all-natural and organic waxing salon, Hey Sugar’s simplest, sweetest secret to giving us that smooth, fair, dewy glow all over our body (not just down there, I mean) is sugar, as its name suggests. This all-natural ingredient exfoliates our skin, leaving it smooth. So when it comes to waxing, anyone looking for a greener and safer option should turn to sugaring to get the job done. They had me at “greener,” actually. It’s equally effective and is a more pain-free process than traditional waxing.

Not to mislead you or anything, but there’s still some pain, especially if you’re going for a Brazilian—I don’t think anything can make that completely pain-free; but I must say it stings just a little less. I’ve tried both the Dulce de Brazilian cold (P595) and hot (P840) sugar wax options, and both are a little less painful than their regular waxing counterparts.

Hey Sugar room

Hey Sugar treatment room at Uptown Mall in BGC

As a perk, sugar also happens to contain some of the most effective ingredients that can help lighten skin. As the granules work to open up pores and cleanse the skin, Hey Sugar’s luscious sugaring mix containing moisturizing ingredients can also help lighten and soften skin all over the body (and I mean, all over). My skin (yes, down there) remained so smooth and soft weeks after I got a wax!

Like any grooming treatment, the sugaring process can differ from one salon to another, so be sure to head to one that specializes on this all-natural process to get the best results.

For the complete list of Hey Sugar branches and services, visit heysugar.com.ph or like them on Facebook.

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